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XCMG XG450D Diaphragm Walling Rig

Maker:  Yagao Gift
Model No:  XG450D
Scale:  1:35
Review Date:  May 2018

Yagao Index
Foundation Equipmt. Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 6
Detail   (max 30) 22
Features   (max 20) 16
Quality   (max 25) 17
Price   (max 15) 12
Overall   (max 100) 73%


XCMG XG450D Diaphragm Walling Rig Video.  [Youku Video]
Large XCMG branded box.
Looks good.
Some detailing underneath the body.
Decent tracks and frames.
Grab has drainage holes.
Hose guide wheels with the hose properly routed.
Impressive hose reels.
Boom profile is good.
Cutter is very nicely made.
This part needs to be cut off for the model to pose properly.

The XCMG XG450D is a specialised machine for constructing diaphragm walls for basements and other purposes. 

It is in the larger scale of 1:35 which is more common for models of Chinese construction machines.


The model comes in a large good quality XCMG branded box and inside it, the model is contained within a pair of expanded polystyrene trays.

The review model had no missing parts but a couple of parts were loose and had to be refitted. 

Some modifications are needed to improve the model so that it poses properly.  At the hose guide wheels, the hose does not pass correctly through the runners.  This is simply corrected by unscrewing the guide wheels and re-routing the hose by easing the frame apart.   There is an additional guide for the ropes and hoses which does not appear to exist on the real machine (see photo).  It is plastic, and to enable the model to pose and function correctly it should be cut off.  This also allows the rope from the small drum to be reeved through a runner correctly.


The undercarriage is simple underneath, but there is some detailing on the underside of the body.  The metal tracks have bolt head details and the track frames have rollers which are part of the casting and are non-functional.

The cab has plastic guards and grab rail, the window seals are modelled and there is a door handle.  Inside, the detail is good.

The body has grilles and panel handles detailed in the casting and there are nice sharp graphics.  There is a plastic access ladder and on top there are textured surfaces although thick paint disguises it a little in places.

The boom is a metal part with a plastic front face.  The detailing is good and the graphics are sharp.  It is controlled by two long rams with plastic jackets, but as with the other plastic parts, the colour matching is very good.

At the boom head there are nice pulleys and the plastic hose guide wheels look good.  The large plastic hose reels are also convincing, and the hose material is not too stiff so realistic poses can be set.

The diaphragm wall cutter is impressive.  It is largely metal and is a heavy and solid piece.  The grabs are very nicely made and include drainage holes in the sides.


The tracks roll easily and are spring loaded for tension. 

The model rotates smoothly.

The boom angle is adjustable although the rams are very stiff and jerky.  They will hold a pose.

The winches are operated by keys which are stored in a removable side panel which is held in place by small magnets.  The winches work well enough, with enough friction to hold the cutter in any position.   Adjusting the cutter height requires the two main winches, the two hose reels, and a drum on the boom to turned.

The grab opens and closes smoothly.

The cab door opens widely.


It has a high metal content with some plastic used.  The quality level is good.

The paintwork and graphics are generally very good.


It is good value considering the size.


This is a large and good looking model.  The detailing and features are also good.  The only downside is the modification required to make the model look its best, but once done, a nice foundation machine model is the result.


Guard on the cab windows.
Profile view.  The plastic additional rope guide has been removed so the model poses realistically.
Graphics on the counterweight.
Opening cab door.
Engine cover is plastic.
Looks realistic.
Excavating a panel (if you use your imagination).