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Terex AC500 Heavy Jib Head - Felbermayr

Maker:  YCC
Model No:  692-4
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  March 2012

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Terex AC500 Heavy Jib Head - Felbermayr Video
The plain box.
It makes an interesting transport load.
Rigging the hook.
Heavy jib head on a luffing jib.
Colour match is fine.
YCC's AC500 hook looks good.
The jib head provides many different rigging options.
This is a model of a heavy jib head for the lattice jib of the Terex AC500 mobile crane and is in the colours of Felbermayr.


This model box is plain white and the parts are packed inside black foam rubber with the jib head wrapped in tissue.

There were no defects or missing parts on the review part.

There is no information about the real part, and no instructions.  A photo or sketch of the assembled model would have been helpful. 

Two large still pins are included which can be used in lieu of Conrad's plastic pins to join the bottom of the jib head to the jib.  However they are a very tight fit so some paint need would probably need to be removed.  In fact Conrad's plastic pins work fine and look better.

Two types of pendant connection are provided and this allows either Conrad's plastic pendants or YCC's metal versions to be used.  The connectors are fixed to the jib head using a small steel pin and as it is fairly loose care must be taken that it does nor drop out when not under load.  A spare pin is included.

Narrow jib sections can be fitted to the top of the jib head and to do this two Conrad pins are used and two small metal pins because the dolly wheels prevent the use of plastic pins in two of the connection holes.

Detail and Features

The jib head is a high quality casting.  The tyres on the dolly wheels have a tread pattern and they are mounted on detailed metal hubs.

The pulleys are metal and there is an anemometer which is a nice detail.

The part makes a good transport load or it can be used in fixed and luffing jib configurations.

The pulleys are free rolling and the rope restraint on the main pulleys also moves.  Because of the pulley size in the jib head the YCC hook for this crane looks better than the large Conrad hook supplied with the crane.

Quality and Price

This is a very well made part and the colour match with the Conrad jib parts is excellent.

It is an expensive part but this probably reflects the very low number of parts likely to be made.


This part from YCC adds flexibility to the Conrad model and provides rigging options not otherwise available.  If you can afford the high price it is highly recommended.


The part first appeared in January 2012.  It was also made in white red and yellow to suit other liveries.
The box insert has high quality foam rubber.
The parts out of the box.
'Where are the chocks for the dolly wheel?'
This is the YCC hook for the AC500.  It is a better match than the Conrad hook.
Heavy lifting is now possible on a luffing jib.
Anemometer looks good
Rigged on a fixed jib with an extension on top.
Conrad's plastic pins cannot be used at the dolly wheels.