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Lifting Frame - 720 Tonne - Sarens

Maker:  YCC
Model No:  700-2
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  January 2015

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)6
Detail   (max 30)27
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)20
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)79%


Lifting Frame - 720 Tonne - Sarens Video [Youku Video]
The plain box.
The parts out of the box.
Loaded on a Nooteboom OSDS 3-axle.
Three sets of rams per unit.
The operator's console has painted buttons. Small graphics add realism.
Using straps under the outrigger beams.
Profile view.
Comment on this model.

This is a model of a lifting frame with a nominal capacity of 720 tonnes.  When set up it is 35cm long, 14cm wide and can have a height up to about 19cm.

It is in the colours of Sarens, the Belgian lifting specialist.


This model box is plain white but inside the parts are packed well inside black foam rubber with some pieces wrapped in tissue.

There were no missing parts on the review model but one tie bar did not have holes drilled at one end, but this did not affect posing the model.

There is no information about the real machine or model, and no instructions.  However assembly is straightforward and obvious, although at least a photo or sketch of the assembled model would have been helpful.  Some spare pins and two tools are included.


The metal tracks are finely crafted with the channels having web stiffeners, and they pin together to form continuous lengths.

Each lifting unit is highly detailed.  There are tiny rollers underneath, and the hydraulics have rubber hoses with some having connectors on the ends.  The casting details are also very good including non-functioning lifting eyes, fine grab rails and a detailed equipment and console area.  There are realistic small graphics around the units.  The lifting cylinders are very well engineered.

The main beams are heavy-sections, with lifting slots and a safe load graphic.  Brackets fit over the beams and these are really well made out of a number of parts.

Four heavy strap guides are supplied for using on loads, however no straps are included with the model which is a pity.  For this review some simple straps were made from packaging strapping and paperclips.


The lifting units roll along the tracks smoothly, and the 'pusher' cylinder can extend and retract.  The lifting cylinders are in three stages and extend easily and the head rotates.  The locking system is by means of a small Allen key turning very small grub screws and it works really well locking the cylinders into place with confidence.  However on the review model some of the screws were initially tight and hard to unlock.

The lifting brackets can be positioned anywhere along the main beams.

One option for displaying the separate parts is as a haulage load.

When assembled the frame is sturdy enough to handle a heavy model load.


This is a very high quality model with many small parts which have to be handled with respect.  The paint finish is very good with just a few very minor chips on the review sample.  The small graphics add realism.


Quite a large and detailed model results when it is built up and so it is good value for the price.


This as an unusual model from YCC, and when it is set up it looks impressive, particularly if carrying a load.  It would have been good if a simple instruction sheet and some lifting straps had been included.


The model first appeared as a prototype at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in February 2011 and it became available in September 2011. A version was made in yellow as model 700-1. This Sarens version appeared in December 2014.
The box insert has high quality foam rubber.
Interesting as a transport load.
The lifting frame is large when assembled.
The gantry moves itself with hydraulic rams.
Lifting a Tadano ATF 400G-6.
The straps are not included.  These versions were home made.