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Nooteboom 6-axle Ballast Trailer - Yellow

Maker:  YCC
Model No:  768-2-1007
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  June 2024

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 8
Detail   (max 30) 29
Features   (max 20) 18
Quality   (max 25) 23
Price   (max 15) 10
Overall   (max 100) 88%


Nooteboom 6-axle Ballast Trailer - Yellow Video.
Branded box.
Single landing leg.
Hoses run from the front.
Extremely detailed control console.
Proportional steering.
It is extendible.
Loaded with heavy lattice boom sections.
LTM 11200 boom as a load.
Deck posts are included.
Loaded with ballast blocks.
Rear ladder.

This model is of a six axle extendible ballast trailer made by the Dutch company Nooteboom.  It is rated for loads of up to 102 tonnes.  The trailer designation is OVB-102-06V.

This version of the model is 'Type 2' representing a UK specification and is in the colours of RAL 1007: yellow.


The model comes in Nooteboom branded box with the model wrapped in soft paper and protected by black foam rubber.

There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

An booklet is included which has drawings of the real trailer, and covers both the Type 1 and Type 2 versions of the model.  It is very good.. 

Separate king pins are supplied for use with WSI/IMC, Ken Kraft, Tekno, Conrad and NZG tractors.


The underside of the trailer is highly detailed.  Hoses run from the front of the trailer. The landing legs are metal and they have smooth piston faces.  The metal structure is excellent, with the timber deck visible underneath.  Tiny tie-down points are mounted on the underside of the deck edges.

The axles are fully detailed, and has hoses running from the adjacent small tanks.  The wheels are excellent, as are the tyres which have full branding and details in the sidewalls.

The headboard is a robust metal part with Nooteboom logos,  At the front of the trailer is the connection point for air lines and tiny graphics. 

The deck has excellent texturing at the front and timber decking throughout.  Along the edges is a yellow stripe and more tiny graphics.  The control console is exceptional including tiny working levers.

At the rear the lights and protection bars look realistic.

Two boom supports are included with the model.  These are metal parts which are nicely detailed.

This type two version of the trailer includes a full deck safety system.  This includes two ladders and posts with a safety wire system.  The wires are steel coloured string and the posts have effective clips which enable a good tension to be maintained.


The king pin on the gooseneck can be configured to suit other model maker's fifth wheels and this provides the trailer with great flexibility.

The axles have working suspension.  Axle 1 steers independently and can also be clipped out of service.  Axles 3 to 6 have linked proportional steering.

The landing legs can be raised and lowered.

The trailer is extendible.  Boom supports can be used to carry the boom from Liebherr LTM 1800 and 11200 models.

The headboard can be fitted or left off.

The safety system can be fitted or left off.  The ladders can be displayed in a transport or lowered position.


This is a very high quality model with a very high metal content.

The paintwork and graphics match the high standard of the model.


The price is reasonable for  the high quality of the model.


This is an excellent ballast trailer model by YCC.  It continues their usual high standards of detailing and functionality, and sets a new standard for this type of model.


This model became available in June 2024, and was also available in RAL 3002 red also.  A 'Type 1' version in European specification was also available in yellow and red.

Parts and booklet.
Excellent axle detail.
The model in basic configuration.
Branding on the tyres.
Excellent timber deck.
Axle 1 can be clipped out of service.
Boom carriers are included.
UK specification safety cables installed.
Side ladder.