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Liebherr LTM 1400 Mobile Crane Luffing Fly Jib

Maker:  YCC
Model No:  791
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  December 2015

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Liebherr LTM 1400 Mobile Crane Luffing Fly Jib Video.  [Youku Video]
The box.
Some of the smaller parts.
Pivot point makes a great load.
Short fixed jib.
Angled short fixed jib.
Mesh walkways and internal spool.
Assembling the luffing jib.
Short 35m luffer.
Very realistic modelling. Metal jackets on the ram.
Intermediate support on a big jib.
Longer 56m jib.  The parts are included for a 84m jib.
Comment on this model.

The Liebherr LTM 1400 was a crane popular in the 1990's and some aspects of its design are dated compared to more modern cranes.  It had a nominal lifting capacity of 400 tonnes and could lift to 50m on the four-section telescopic boom.  It was modelled by YCC and is reviewed here.

This kit is the luffing fly jib for the base model and this version is in Liebherr yellow.


The kit comes in a heavy outer cardboard carton  which protects a Liebherr branded box.  Inside that is a pair of expanded polystyrene trays which contain the model.  The two trays are locked together with plastic clips at each end and this is much better than having the trays being taped together. The main parts are wrapped in soft paper. 

There were no defects or missing parts in the review kit.

A high quality brochure is included which has a reprint of the original fly jib specifications. The instructions for the model are excellent and cover the configuration possibilities. 

Included with the kit is a tool which can be used to line up and clean out the inside of connections to enable the bolts to be inserted easily.  Another nice touch is an extra spool of line, although this is not needed if the base model was correctly reeved in the first place.


The lattice sections are high quality metal castings with internal bracing.   The main chord members are circular in cross section which is really nice.  The sections are accurately scaled to allow telescoping of the parts as transport loads. 

The detailing is really good.  There are fine quality mesh walkways, and connections are made with tiny black plastic bolts.  All pulleys are metal.  The pendants are realistic metal rods.

The pivot section is complex.  The luffing bridle is a quality part and includes a single extra large sheave for the first run of the hoist line from the drum.  Other nice details include a pair of strops with working 'D' shackles.  The ram has metal jackets.

The boom top is of a similar standard and includes a working roller at its tip.

Two different sizes of hook are supplied to go with the fly jib and it is good that these are included rather than relying on the larger hooks in the base model.  One is a single sheave block and the other is a single line hook.  They are all metal and top quality and include excellent graphics.


The key feature of the kit is its flexibility and all of the configurations of the real jib appear to be possible.

This includes fixed or cranked jibs, with or without the guying system attached.

The luffing fly jib can be built up in a variety of sizes from 21m to 84m.  According to the technical specifications included with the model, a total system height of 135m is possible, resulting in a model around 2.7m, or nearly 9ft in height.

Care is required in handling the model.  In particular the pins used for securing the jib to the boom top slide out easily if the jib is manipulated.


The kit continues the very high quality of the base model, with metal used exclusively.  It is very well made.

The paintwork is excellent, as are the graphics on the hooks.


The price reflects the high quality of the kit.


YCC has a reputation for high quality and authenticity, and this kit certainly hits the mark.  It is of the same high standard as the LTM 1400 base model, and the jib complements it perfectly.


The kit first appeared in December 2015. 
All parts are individually wrapped.  Excellent manual.
Nice transport display.
Very realistic.
The larger parts.
Lifting a tower crane section.
Very detailed single sheave hook block.
Guying system in action with the fixed fly jib.
Ready to raise the jib.
Impressive profile. Single line hook attached.