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Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 Boom Cylinders

Maker:  YCC
Model No:  872
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  June 2010

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Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 Boom Cylinders Video
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The parts are securely wrapped.
The pieces of the kit.
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The fitted YCC booms look way better than the plastic versions that come with the model.  The additional hydraulic hosing adds a nice detail touch.
The NZG model of the Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 Mobile Crane is one of the best crane models reviewed by Cranes Etc in 2010.  However, one of the few weaknesses of the model is the plastic main boom cylinders.  Although they function perfectly well, the choice of material and colour means that they look a little different to the rest of the model.  This kit from YCC provides metal replacement cylinders to replace those on the model.  The parts reviewed are painted by YCC in Liebherr yellow.


The kit comes securely wrapped in bubble foam, and includes a spanner for adjusting the locking mechanism on the cylinders.  No instructions are provided, although they are available online from the YCC website.  They do not describe how to remove the old cylinders however, and fortunately this is fairly easy to do.  They are held in place by friction rivets and can be popped out by applying significant force to the inside end of the rivet.  Fixing the new cylinders is easy, and just involves reinserting the rivets and carefully using pliers to push them back in position.

Detail and Features

The cylinders are very nicely detailed with fine hydraulic pipes and junction boxes.  Rubber hydraulic lines are supplied which can be fixed in position and enhance the detail in this area of the model significantly.

The NZG cylinders relied on friction and the YCC cylinders do the same but in a significantly better way.  The top of the cylinder is on a screw thread and by turning it, it tightens the grip on the cylinder ram.  This means that when it is not tightened the ram smoothly moves enabling the ram extension to be set very easily.  Using the supplied spanner, the ram extension can be fixed in position.

Obviously with a model like this the forces on these cylinders gets very high so care is needed to make sure the grip is tight enough to prevent a sudden collapse.  For this reason, it might be better to use a larger adjustable spanner rather than the YCC spanner to tighten up.  Care is also needed to not damage the paintwork when using spanners.

Quality and Price

These are high quality parts and the paint applied makes them blend with the rest of the model well, and they significantly enhance it.  The parts are certainly not cheap, but are very well made.


This kit from YCC enhances the basic NZG model and a really good model is made better as a result.  Collectors wanting the best will be pleased to have these parts on their model, and they are highly recommended.


The kit has also been produced in an unpainted version and in Mammoet colours.

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Removal of the existing friction rivets.  It is important that they are popped from the inside out in the direction of the arrow.
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The YCC cylinders are a definite enhancement to the base model.