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Iveco TurboStar 4x2

Maker:  ZetaKit
Model No: 
Scale:  1:43
Review Date:  July 2022

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Iveco TurboStar 4x2 Video
The box.
Profile view.
Tyres have feint branding.
Detailed front grille.
Mirrors are realistically thin.
Rear view.

The Iveco TurboStar was built mainly in Italy between 1984 and 1993.

This model is made of resin, and is a limited edition of only 60 models.  It is made in 1:43 scale at the request of Iveco.


The model comes in a colourful box which encloses a Perspex display case.  There is some shipping packaging which needs to be removed. 

The review model had no defects or missing parts. 

There is no information about the real truck.


There is some detail underneath but the appearance is spoiled by a large spacer block which appears to be glued on.  There is limited front axle detail, and the rear axle is rather better.  The wheels are detailed and the tyres have some feint branding.

The colour finish on the cab is very good and has a metallic sheen.  The large roof faring looks good.  The front grille has some nice graphics.

There are air horns on the side of the cab and the graphics give a smart appearance.  There very feint Iveco graphics above the cab steps.

Behind the cab the moulding looks good, and there is a textured plate at the bottom.

The fifth wheel has a hole and the rear lights have lenses.


The model can be detached from the base however a spacer block appears to be glued on.

The wheels rotate and the model can be rolled.


This is a reasonable quality resin model.

The colour and graphics are mostly very good.


It is a very limited edition but is relatively expensive.


This is a good looking model of a historic Iveco.  It is a very limited edition and is expensive as a result.


Nice display case.
Decoration looks good.
Interesting detail visible through the grilles.
Base support is obvious at the back.
Looks good.
Off the base.