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Sennebogen 305C Multihandler

Maker:  Brami
Model No:  unknown
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  May 2008

Brami Index
Materials Handling Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)21
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)17
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)71%


The 305C - a member of the Sennebogen Green Line range.
In the box, with window.
Parts out of the box.
Two small lights are included in the box. They fix onto the cab roof at the front and back.  The slightly wonky front wheel is due to a loose fitting connection to the axle.
Excellent steering - it can turn very tightly.  A very good exhaust pipe too.
Underside detail is pretty sparse.
The Sennebogen 305C Multihandler is a member of Sennebogen's 'Green Line' of materials handling machines.  On the model box the machine is advertised as having a 5 tonne capacity and that it can lift to a height of 9m.  In fact that appears to be the ratings for the slightly larger 305XL machine.  The model in the box is the 305C which has a lift height of around 7.3m.


The box has a window, and the model is securely held in position against the expanded polystyrene formers with ties.  Care is advised in removing the ties as over excitement might damage the delicate parts of the model.  Also included in the box is a bag with two small lights to be fixed to the model.  The review model had no defects and no missing parts.

No instructions or other information is provided.  Some help with where to fix the two lights would help the collector (see photos to see where they should be fixed).


Underneath, the model is very simple with little detail.  The tyres have a good heavy rough terrain tread and the plastic hubs have individual bolts painted which looks good.

At the front, the casting of the boom head has good detail and there are silvered light clusters and a wing mirror.  The cab has some pleasing detail with a mirror, orange beacon light, and aerial.  Two floodlights fit into tiny holes at the front and back of the roof of the cab.  The cab door is finely detailed with door and window hinges.  Inside the cab various controls are modelled including a steering wheel, pedals and a joystick.  Behind the cab a bank of control cables run to the rear.

At the back there are painted light clusters and a non-functioning towing hitch.  There is a very good exhaust pipe and a very nice replica grille.  The two stage telescopic boom has hydraulic piping within the casting and plastic flexible hoses at the bottom.  The structure detail at the boom head is well cast.

Two accessories are provided with the model.  A shovel with trash grille and plastic forks with a pallet which has wood graining, but is in a grey colour.


The steering on each axle is independent so all the modes of the original machine cane be replicated and a very hard lock can be obtained which means the model can turn very tightly indeed.  The fixing of the wheels to the hubs is a bit loose meaning that some wheels can appear to lean a little.

The boom elevates without any cylinder bleed although it only reaches an angle of around 45 rather than the approximate 75 of the real machine.  The boom telescopes smoothly and there is enough friction to hold any extension.  At the boom head the equipment attachment head tilts to allow the forks or shovel to remain horizontal.

A unique feature of the model is the elevating cab and this rises smoothly and can hold any height without bleeding down.

The two accessories provided clip to the attachment head.  Fixing the shovel proved quite difficult on the review model but was achieved.  The shovel has an opening trash grille.


The model is well made although it is not clear why the two lights which have to be fitted were not fitted in the factory like the wing mirrors and other parts.  Paintwork and detailing is good.


The model is very good value for the detail and functions offered.


This is an interesting little model with an unusual elevating cab.  As a telehandler-type model it fares well against others in the sector.  It poses well with other models and looks good in its green colouring.


The model first appeared in 2007.  Although the model is sold under the Brami brand with both the box and the model being marked Brami, it is usually listed as being manufactured by Ros as model number 0194.7.
Shown travelling with a load.
Elevating cab gives a better view.
Fitted with the shovel and trash grille.
It can appear rather threatening.
It will move that giant bucket, and the driver can see where he's going too.