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Caterpillar 992C Wheel Loader

Maker: Classic Construction Models
Model No:  -
Scale:  1:48
Review Date:  October 2012

CCM Index
Historic Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)25
Features   (max 20)16
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)10
Overall   (max 100)80%


Caterpillar 992C Wheel Loader Video
The box.
A large machine.
Detail underneath.
Lift height for the bucket is good.
Detailed interior with opening cab door.  Fire extinguishers are stored outside.
Very good mesh grilles.
Hydraulic hoses to the cylinders.
Shifting rocks.
Loading a Caterpillar 785D.
Comment on this model.

The Caterpillar 992C was introduced in 1977 to serve the mining equipment market.  It had an operating weight of around 90 tonnes and was driven by a V12 engine.  The rated load was 17 tonnes.


The model is packaged really well with an outer cardboard box containing a presentation box.  Inside, the model is contained within black trays.  One headlight cluster on the model was loose, but it was easily glued into position.

A really nice inclusion with the model is a reprint of the original Caterpillar 992C brochure and this also has a unique serial number for the model.


The detail underneath is good.  The axles have large differentials and the engine and radiator can be seen even though they are not particularly visible from normal angles.

The large rubber tyres have a finish that is not too shiny and the Goodyear brand is moulded within the sidewalls.  They are mounted on detailed metal wheels.

Realistic metal ladders lead up to the cab and the handrails surround the platform which has a finely textured non-slip floor.  The cab details include wipers, lights and mirrors, and there is a pair of fire extinguishers at the rear.  The internal detailing is to a high standard with the instrument panel looking realistic.

The engine compartment has many metal hand rails and fine quality mesh grilles all around, and the exhaust pipes and air intakes are plastic.  The graphics are sharp.

The steering pivot point looks good as it has many hydraulic hoses crossing to the front axle assembly.  The loader mechanism is modelled well with painted pins at the hinge points.  The cylinder jackets are particularly good with a perfect colour match.

The large bucket has a see through grille at the top edge for operator visibility and it is finely modelled.  The rest of the bucket is a good casting.


The wheels roll well and the rear axle oscillates with a significant amount of movement. 

The cab has an opening door.

Steering is achieved across the pivot point and the cylinders have a nice degree of stiffness. 

The loader mechanism works well enough although it takes effort to get the bucket high enough to simulate vehicle loading.  The tipping angle is good.


This is a very good quality model with a high metal content.

The paint is very good as are the few graphics.


The model is fair value for the quality offered.


CCM have faithfully reproduced the Caterpillar 992C, and it will please collectors of historic machines such as this.  It is easy to highly recommend.


This model was introduced in 2011 in a run of 1000 models.
 A version of 500 models was also made with beadless tyres.
Profile view.
Inside the box.
Convincing realism.
Nice grille and lights at the back.
Tyres have the 'Goodyear' name.
Hydraulics at the steering pivot.
Metal ladder and handrails.
Oscillating rear axle.
Just needs some smoke from the exhaust.
It takes quite a bit of effort to pose it this high.