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Historic Equipment Scale Models

Models which are introduced after the full sized machine has ceased production are included here.  Historic haulage has its own index.

Corgi 225000

Ruston Bucyrus 19 Face Shovel
EMD T002

Bucyrus Erie 22 B Hoe
EMD T001.1

Ruston Bucyrus 22 RB Shovel
EMD T003.1

Ruston Bucyrus 22 RB Dragline / Crane / Grab
TWH 021

Bucyrus Steam Shovel

Conrad 1060

MKW Büffel B90 Dozer

Diecast Masters 85560

Caterpillar 12 Motor Grader Evolution
Diecast Masters 85562

Caterpillar 40 Ton Truck Evolution

Caterpillar 245 Excavator

Caterpillar 245 Front Shovel
Norscot 55271

Caterpillar 416 Backhoe Loader
Norscot 55210

Caterpillar 572C Pipelayer
Conrad 2875/01

Caterpillar 583 Pipelayer - Spiecapag

Caterpillar 660 Wheel Tractor- Scraper

Caterpillar 834 Wheel Shovel
Diecast Masters 85558

Caterpillar 966 Evolution Series
Diecast Masters 85563

Caterpillar Scraper Evolution
Diecast Masters 85579

Caterpillar 966A Wheel Loader
Norscot 55232

Caterpillar 966A Traxcavator
Norscot 55170

Caterpillar No 977 Traxcavator
Diecast Masters 85559

Caterpillar Track Loader Evolution

Caterpillar 992C Wheel Loader
Diecast Masters 85577

Caterpillar D7C Track-type Tractor
Diecast Masters 85561

Caterpillar D7 Track-type Tractor Evolution

Caterpillar D10 Track-Type Tractor with Push Blade

Caterpillar D10 Track-Type Tractor with U-Blade and Ripper
Norscot 55173

Caterpillar Diesel No. 12 Motor Grader
Norscot 55201

Caterpillar Twenty Track Type Tractor
Norscot 55154

Caterpillar Twenty-Two Track-Type Tractor

BYMO 25022

Clark Michigan 475B Wheel Loader

IMC 32-0191

Demag AC 650 Mobile Crane - Nederhoff

NZG 505/05

Construction Site Van - Kibag
NZG 505/10

Construction Site Van - Red

YCC 900-2

Gottwald AMK 1000 - Riga Mainz (modern)

NZG 994

Hamm 8.5 VTD Roller
Conrad 1049

Hamm 1911 Roller 
NZG 627

Hamm DL10 Roller

Corgi 15101

JCB 3C Mk1
UH 2711

JCB Major Loader Mk 1 Excavator

NZG 646

Liebherr Form 6 Tower Crane
Conrad 1041

Liebherr TK 8 Tower Crane
YCC 780

Liebherr LG 1550 Mobile Crane
YCC 786

Liebherr LGD 1800 Mobile Crane - Riga Mainz
YCC 790

Liebherr LTM 1400 Mobile Crane
YCC 776-2

Liebherr LTM 1800 Mobile Crane - Schmidbauer
YCC 770-5

Liebherr LTM 11000D Mobile Crane - Baldwins

TWH 049

Manitowoc 4100W Crawler Crane
TWH 049a

Manitowoc 4100W Crawler Crane Boom Extension Kit
Weiss 030-1205

Manitowoc 4100W Crawler Crane - J E McAmis
TWH 050

Manitowoc 4100W Dragline / Clamshell / Magnet
TWH 051

Manitowoc 4100W Ringer
TWH 051b

Manitowoc 4100W Ringer Crane Extension Kit
TWH 051c

Manitowoc 4100W Crawler Crane #123 Jib Extension Kit
TWH 052

Manitowoc 4100W Tower Crane
TWH 052a

Manitowoc 4100W Tower Crane Extension Kit

NZG 470

Menck M 251 Dragline

SpecCast 012

Northwest 25-D Shovel

Conrad 2928

Poclain TP30 Truck Mounted Excavator

SpecCast 008

Schield Bantam C35 Crawler Dragline
SpecCast 017

Schield Bantam Backhoe on White Truck
SpecCast 016

Schield Bantam Shovel on White Truck

Motorart 300054

Volvo BM H10 Loader
Motorart 300068

Volvo DR 631 Articulated Hauler

NZG 500

Weserhütte W 180 Dragline
NZG 596

Weserhütte W 180 Piling Hammer