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Manitowoc 4100W #123 Jib with #22A Boom Extension Kit

Maker:  TWH Collectibles
Model No:  051b
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  November 2008

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The parts of the kit.
The box.
Where to buy
The boom lowered.  The Cranes Etc team find it easier to amend the boom length or fix the jib this way rather than with the boom raised.
Fixing the fly jib.
This accessory set for the Manitowoc 4100W Crawler Crane model includes a #22 boom extension kit and a #123 jib.


The small cardboard box is plain with a label. Inside, the parts are well packed with the parts wrapped in polythene.  The parts in the review kit were undamaged.

A small booklet is included which provides simple instructions in English, together with pictures.  To insert the #22 boom the instructions suggest doing this in the air with the boom up, but it is actually easier to lower the boom carefully using the luffing winch as this is much less likely to cause the thread to jump off the equaliser pulleys.  There is also an error in the printed instructions at Step 8 which suggest using 4mm screws when 7mm screws are required.  Also supplied is a bag of larger screws which appear to have no purpose.

Detail and Features

The boom section is the same high quality as those provided with other 4100W models and kits, but this one has two tie off points for the pendants for the #123 jib.

The fly jib is a very well made piece with fine quality casting details and very good metal pulleys.  It even includes a working roller at the centre on the top side.  Although it is made up of three screwed together sections, a shorter configuration is not possible because of the design of the individual parts.

The pendants are of the same quality as the base model and thankfully riveting is kept to a minimum and plenty of screws are provided.

A particularly nice feature is that three sets of pendants are provided with the fly jib to allow it to be set at either 0, 10 or 20 offset to the main boom.

This kit lengthens the boom on the base model significantly and for stability it is recommended filling the track frame ballast boxes with lead shot, or using the weights provided with extension kit 049a.

Quality and Price

This is a very good quality addition to the base model and allows a variety of boom and jib arrangements to be posed.  It is however relatively expensive.


The kit is of the same quality as the model 4100W and although the price is high, many collectors will regard it as an essential add-on.


This kit is designed for use with the
Manitowoc 4100W Crawler Crane. The boom extension kit first appeared in November 2008. The run is 1150 kits. It is marketed outside the Americas by NZG as model number 6922.
Inside the box.
The jib set at a 10 offset.
The 4100W looks impressive with the #123 jib, and in this pose the 40ft #22 boom piece included with the crane could be left in to make an even bigger model.  The crane in this photo has the track frame ballast boxes filled to improve stability.