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Schield Bantam Backhoe on White Truck

Maker:  SpecCast
Model No:  017
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  May 2011

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)17
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)18
Price   (max 15)13
Overall   (max 100)70%


Schield Bantam Backhoe on White Truck Video
The box.
Odd looking oldtimer truck.
Hinged hood opens.
Detail underneath.
The backhoe arm is simple.
The Schield Bantam C-35 was developed by Vern and Wilbur Schield in Ohio in the 1940s and eventually sold over 15,000 machines.

The backhoe version reviewed here is mounted on a White truck chassis.


The model comes in a windowed box with the model held between plastic formers.  There was no damage or missing parts on the review model.

The box has some information about the Schield Bantam on the box.  No instructions are provided.


The truck chassis is reasonably detailed with the gearbox and transmission modelled, as are the leaf springs.  The tyres are mounted on hubs which look particularly smart.

The truck cab is quaint-looking and sports pleasant lights and chrome work, and there is interior detail although there is only ‘glass’ in the windscreen and not the door or side window.  There is a detailed engine under the hood.  The hinges on the hood and cab door are fairly obvious.  There are some very small legible graphics on the sides of the hood and the door mirror is metal.

The Bantam body is all metal, and within the casting features such as doors are formed.  There are a three holes in the body where a key is used to drive internal winches and plastic plugs are provided which can be used to fill the holes and improve the look of the model when on display.

Detail inside the cab is good with individual operating levers and pedals being visible.

The boom and dipper are metal and look reasonably good although some of the pulleys are represented by solid castings and the tying-off points are crude.


The front axle has limited steering capability.

The cab door opens and each side of the engine hood lifts and folds to give access to the engine.

There are three holes in the body for winches but only two function on this version of the model. To operate the winches, the body plugs are removed.  Using the supplied key the boom can be raised and lowered, and the backhoe moved in and out.  The range of movement is limited however.


The overall quality is reasonable, with little plastic used.  The paintwork and graphics are fine.


The model is fairly competitively priced.


This is a pleasant enough model with some nice details and some simpler ones.  It looks interesting and is recommended.


The model first appeared in 2011.  The shovel version of the model on a White truck is reviewed here.  The dragline version of the Schield Bantam on crawler tracks was reviewed here.

Profile view.
Cab door hinge shows a bit.
The plug is filling a winch hole.
Opening door.
Trying to dig through hard fibre board.
Levers in the cab.