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Manitowoc 4100W Tower Crane Extension Kit

Maker:  TWH Collectibles
Model No:  052a
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  January 2009

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Assembly Guidance

The parts of the kit out of the box.
The box.
Where to buy
Definitely one to look up to.
This accessory set is for the Manitowoc 4100W Tower Crane model and extends the mast by 3 x 40ft sections with a 20ft section replacing the 10ft section in the base model.  The boom gets an additional 40ft and 20ft section.


The box is small and relatively plain being in the same style as the 4100W box.  Inside, the parts are well packed with each part wrapped in polythene.  The review kit was complete with no defects, and TWH include plenty of screws so collectors will not be short if one gets lost.

A small instruction booklet is included which details 27 steps in English, together with pictures.  Installation of the kit is not difficult, although the model gets very large.  Some further assembly guidance is provided at the end of this review.  A couple of hours should be allowed to make the alterations.

Detail and Features

The mast and boom sections are the same high quality components as provided with the base model and the pendants (straps) are all provided as separate lengths with screws, rather than being riveted together.  This means the model can be assembled in a variety of mast and boom configurations to suit the collector's wishes.  The only issue is that on the base model the boom latch has been fixed to the 10ft mast section and this section should be removed according to the instructions meaning that the extended mast does not have a boom latch.  Collectors can elect to leave the 10ft section in of course.

To aid the stability of the model a new pair of back stay gantry parts are provided which are slightly shorter than those on the base model. This has the effect of tilting the mast back a little until the extended boom is added and then the whole model straightens up and looks right.

The extension kit produces a very large model indeed - over 8ft (2.4m) tall, and it is stable.  Stable indoors at least, as outdoors a reasonable breeze will act on the mast and boom and blow the model over.

Quality and Price

This is a very worthwhile addition to the base model at a reasonable price.


The tower crane extension kit moves the 4100W into the 'jaw dropping' area where sheer size impresses.  Although it is tall, it is not bulky so many collectors will be able to find space for it, and the modular nature of the kit means it can be built in smaller heights if desired.  It would also make a great display piece in a corporate office.


This kit is designed for use with the Manitowoc 4100W Tower Crane.  The boom extension kit first appeared in December 2008.  The run is 500 kits.  It is marketed in Europe by NZG as model number 6941.

Assembly Guidance

The pendant lines are wrapped on cards marked for length and are used as follows:
6 cards marked 241 are 40ft lengths - part number 3;
2 cards marked 119 are 20ft lengths - part number 2;
1 card marked 376.5 - part number 6;
1 card marked 267 - part number 5;
1 card marked 144 - part number 4

Before commencing the alterations it is worth clamping the lines that control the luffing of the boom in two places immediately above the gantry and below the equaliser to prevent the lines jumping off the pulleys when they go slack.  As an alternative, lightly stick some plastic putty on the pulleys to hold the lines in place.

As an easier sequence for extending the boom than shown in Steps 16-27 of the instructions, the following was used successfully on the review model:
Disconnect the pendants at the boom tip leaving the boom supported by the intermediate pendants.
Disconnect the boom top.
Add the 40ft and 20ft boom sections and reattach the boom top.
Add the 267 and 144 pendants to the lines previously connected to the boom top, and reattach to the boom top.
Disconnect the intermediate pendants, lengthen with the 376.5 lines and reattach to the ears on the new 40ft boom section to complete the boom assembly.
Parts neatly packed and protected.
With the kit installed, a supremely tall model results.
Geometry of mast and boom is very good.