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Manitowoc 4100W Ringer Extension Kit

Maker:  TWH Collectibles
Model No:  051b
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  January 2009

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Assembly Guidance

Plenty of parts in the kit.
The box.
Where to buy
Inside the box.
The ringer dominates the skyline.
This accessory set is for the Manitowoc 4100W Ringer Crane model and extends the boom by 5 x 40ft sections, and the back mast gets both a 40ft and 20ft section.  An additional #123 fly jib is also provided.


The box is small and relatively plain being in the same style as the 4100W box.  Inside, the parts are well packed with each part wrapped in polythene.  The review kit was complete with no defects.

A small instruction booklet is included which details 20 steps in English, together with pictures.  Installation of the kit is fairly straightforward with the size of the resulting model being the only challenging aspect.  Some further assembly guidance is provided at the end of this review.  A couple of hours should be allowed to install the kit.

Detail and Features

The back mast and boom sections are the same high quality parts as provided for the rest of the 4100W range.

The fly jib is a very well made piece with fine quality casting details and very good metal pulleys.  It even includes a working roller at the centre on the top side.  Although it is made up of three screwed together sections, a shorter configuration is not possible because of the design of the individual parts. 

The pendants (straps) are all provided as separate parts with no riveted connections so the model can flexibly be built to any configuration desired.  The extension kit produces a very large model, around 7½ft (2.3m) tall.  The model is stable with the boom at a reasonable angle (say above 60°), but beyond this the heavy boom tends to tip the model.

Quality and Price

This kit is a high quality and good value addition to the base model.


Owners of the Ringer model will value this kit for the opportunity it provides to create a large and impressive crane and the kit has enough flexibility to enable different configurations to be built.  The kit is highly recommended to anyone wanting to turn their Ringer into a very large crane model.


This kit is designed for use with the
Manitowoc 4100W Ringer Crane.  The Extension Kit first appeared in November 2008.  The run is 1500 kits.  It is marketed outside the Americas by NZG as model number 6931.

Assembly Guidance

The pendant lines are wrapped on cards marked for length and are used as follows: 
8 cards marked 241 are 40ft lengths - part number 4; 
2 cards marked 530 are 85.4ft lengths - part number 5; 
2 cards marked 688 are 114.6ft lengths - part number 6;  1
 card marked 472 - part number 9; 
1 card marked 475 - part number 10; 
1 card marked 488 - part number 11.

Before commencing the alterations it is worth clamping the lines that control the luffing of the boom in two places immediately above the gantry and below the equaliser to prevent the lines jumping off the pulleys when they go slack. 

If the model is to be displayed without the #123 jib there is no need to unreeve the load block in Step 4.  If the #123 jib is used, then the single line headache ball from the base model should be used. 

To display the model with both the hook block and headache ball, extra line needs to be added the rear drum in the body in order to provide line for the headache ball.
Is it a model, or is it real?
The boom is very straight over its length.