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Edilgru MH 1000-30/32 Fast-Erecting Tower Crane

Maker:  CGM Models
Model No:  -
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  October 2020

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   6
Detail   22
Features   16
Quality   20
Price   10
Overall   74%


Edilgru MH 1000-30/32 Fast-Erecting Tower Crane.  [Youku video]
Edilgru branded box.
It can be towed by a truck (not included).
Adding additional jib.
Outriggers fixed into position.
Support wires are metal.
Tower top.
Trolley winch on the jib.
There is enough rope for the hook to reach the ground.
The full crane.

Edilgru is an Italian maker of fast-erecting tower cranes. 

This model is substantially made of high quality plastic, not diecast.


The model box is Edilgru-branded and it encloses  foam rubber trays with the parts inserted. 

There were no missing parts or defects on the review model.

There are no instructions included, which is a pity as they were be helpful.


The transport axles have detailed wheels.  The outrigger beams have adjustable pads with visible screw threads. 

There is an equipment cabinet and the motors for the winch and slewing are modelled.  The counterweight blocks are solid rather than segmented,and are filled with metal to add weight. 

The lattice tower looks convincing and has detailed capacity boards.  There is some precise model engineering with support cables accurately modelled for length.

The jib looks realistic with full triangulation of the lattice on all sides, and the use of plastic improves the stability of the model.  There is an Edilgru sign board.

The trolley and hook are plastic with tiny metal wheels.  The rope used on the model is relatively thick so weight is needed on the hook for it to hang realistically.  There is enough rope to fully lower the hook.


The crane can be displayed in transport configuration with a suitable truck.  The transport axles are detachable.

The outriggers fold out, and the pads can be adjusted for height. 

The ballast trays fold down from the transport position.

The crane can be erected with the jib set at various lengths as many sections are connected by screws.

The crane rotates easily.

The trolley can be positioned anywhere along the jib by hand.

The hoist can be operated using a supplied key, with little friction on the drum.   A load is required on the hook to operate the winch successfully.


This an almost entirely plastic model, although the engineering plastic used is high quality.

The colour is very good with detailed graphics.


The model is fully priced having regard to the materials used.


CGM has made a good looking model of this Edilgru crane.  The use of plastic allows some precision work which is matched by the mechanical parts.  


The parts.
Posed loading the counterweight.
Jib unfolded ready for erection.
Detailed capacity boards.
Waiting to be transported.
Posed with a concrete bucket (not included).
Spreader plates under the crane and lifting blocks on forks (not included).
Decent jib profile.