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Tower Crane Scale Models

This is a listing of tower crane models.  It also includes mobile tower cranes and a crawler crane classed as a tower crane.  Most models in this index are 1:87 scale.

Conrad 2016

BKT BN 135 Tower Crane

Ros 007

Comansa 21 LC 290 Tower Crane

CGM models

Cattaneo CM 221 Fast-Erecting Tower Crane

CGM Models

Edilgru MH 1000-30/32 Fast-Erecting Tower Crane


Jaso J560 Tower Crane

NZG 646

Liebherr Form 6 Tower Crane
Conrad 2022

Liebherr HC-K Tower Crane
Conrad 2031

Liebherr L1-24 Fast-erecting Crane
Conrad 2106

Liebherr MK 88 Mobile Construction Crane
Conrad 2106/03

Liebherr MK 88 Mobile Construction Crane (revised version)
Conrad 2123/01

Liebherr MK 88-4.1E Mobile Construction Crane
Conrad 2102

Liebherr MK 100 Mobile Construction Crane
WSI 54-2003

Liebherr MK 140 Mobile Construction Crane
Conrad 1041

Liebherr TK 8 Tower Crane
Conrad 2023

Liebherr 32k Mobile Tower Crane
NZG 521

Liebherr 32TT Mobile Tower Crane
NZG 870

Liebherr 81K Fast-Erecting Crane
NZG 8701

Liebherr 81K Fast-Erecting Crane with Transport Vehicle
NZG 1051

Liebherr 81 K.1 Fast-Erecting Crane
NZG 667

Liebherr 110 EC-B 6 Tower Crane
Conrad 2020

Liebherr 112 EC-H Tower Crane
Conrad 2024/05

Liebherr 112 EC-H Tower Crane - VINCI
Conrad 2024/06

Liebherr 112 EC-H Tower Crane - Van Wellen
Conrad 2026

Liebherr 112 EC-B Tower Crane
NZG 647

Liebherr 160 HC-L Tower Crane
Conrad 2033

Liebherr 370 EC-B 12 Fibre Tower Crane
Conrad 2050

Liebherr 630 EC-H 40 Tower Crane
HK-Funktionsmodellbau HK2050/03

Liebherr 630 EC-H 40 (Radio Control)
TWH 052

Manitowoc 4100W Tower Crane
TWH 052a

Manitowoc 4100W Tower Crane Extension Kit

Conrad 2010

Peiner SK Tower Crane

Conrad 2029

Potain Hup 32-27 Self-erecting Crane
TWH 001

Potain IGO Mobile Tower Crane
Conrad 2014

Potain GMR HD Mobile Tower Crane
Conrad 2012

Potain MDT Topless Tower Crane
TWH 047

Potain MDT 178 Tower Crane
TWH 047a

Potain MDT 178 Tower Crane Climbing Cage
Conrad 2028

Potain MDT 389 Tower Crane
Conrad 2036

Potain MDT 809 Tower Crane
Conrad 2011

Potain Topkit MDmatic Tower Crane

Ros 009.4

Raimondi MRT84 Tower Crane

Raimondi MRT234 Tower Crane

WSI 52-2021

Spierings City Boy Mobile Crane
WSI 9004

Spierings SK599 AT5 Mobile Tower Crane


Terex CTL 650F-45 Tower Crane

Conrad 2027

Wilbert WT200 e.tronic Tower Crane

Conrad 2030

Wolff Trolley Jib Tower Crane
Conrad 2035

Wolff 166 B Hydraulic Luffing Jib Tower Crane
Conrad 2017

Wolff 180B Tower Crane
Ros 80109

Wolff 355B Tower Crane
Conrad 2032

Wolff 700 B Luffing Jib Tower Crane
Conrad 98031

Wolff 700 B Luffing Jib Tower Crane - US Kit
Ros 80108

Wolff 4517 City Tower Crane
Ros 80107

Wolff 6031.12 Tower Crane
Ros 80106

Wolff 7532.12 Tower Crane
Conrad 2034

Wolff 7534.16 Clear Tower Crane


XCMG XGT 7530 Tower Crane

XCMG XGTL 180 Tower Crane