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Jaso J560 Tower Crane

Maker:  Ros
Model No:  -
Scale:  1:87
Review Date:  January 2020

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 7
Detail   (max 30) 23
Features   (max 20) 16
Quality   (max 25) 21
Price   (max 15) 8
Overall   (max 100) 75%


Jaso J560Tower Crane Video.  [Youku Video]
Very long Jaso branded box.
The parts out of the box.
Tower sections have ladders.
Counter jib looks good.
Straight jib profile.
Looks good.
Straight tower and jibs.

The Jaso J560 is a low top tower crane with a jib length of up to 85m, and a maximum capacity of 24 tonnes.


The model comes in a very long Jaso branded box with the parts wrapped in soft paper and held in an expanded polystyrene tray.

The review model had no defects or missing parts.

There are no instructions for the model other than a small warning note advising that moving the trolley may require some manual assistance.  Assembly is straightforward.

There is some information about the real crane on the box.


At the bottom the undercarriage is a detailed casting and it can be screwed to a plastic plate with the Jaso name on it.  Four solid ballast blocks assist the stability of the model.

The tower sections are modelled in the correct length and are screwed together in the box.  The lattice work is good, although the end connections are a little bulbous. Inside the sections are plastic ladders and platforms which are a bit thick for the scale. 

The entire upper structure is one piece out of the box, although it is made up of screwed together parts.  The cab has thin wipers and window seals and inside there is a seat and controls.  The handrails are metal, but thick.

The jib is excellent with a very straight profile, and only the downstand connections between jib sections impact the realism.  It is made up of full lattice work on all sides, and includes a modelled trolley motor and some tiny brass pulleys are used to guide ropes.  The support ties are metal.

The counter jib has large Jaso sign boards and the hoist winch and cabinets are modelled.  Solid ballast blocks sit at the back.

The trolley is a metal part with metal pulleys.

The hook block is metal with brass pulleys. 

A plastic concrete skip is provided for use as a load and it provides some helpful weight when using the hoist winch.


The crane rotates smoothly.

The trolley can be moved by turning the knob on the trolley winch.  In practice, the mechanism was over tight and difficult to use on the review model.

The hoist winch works well by turning a knob, and there is enough rope on the drum to allow the hook to reach ground level.  A separate walkway is attached to the side of the counter jib when the winch is not being operated.

The model has been made up of realistic sections which are screwed together, so different configurations are possible, or realistic transport loads could be formed.  However, the tie supports are riveted which is a pity.  To change the jib length requires significant work to adjust the trolley rope system.


This is a nice quality robust tower crane model, with a high metal content.

The paintwork is very good as are the graphics.


It is fully priced.


It is good to see Jaso introduce its first tower crane scale model, and the potential configurability is a plus point.  Overall, it is realistic looking.


The model first appeared at Toy Fair in 2019, and was available at the Bauma Exhibition.
Parts in the box.
Realistic on the skyline.
Baseplate included.
Detailed cab.
Downstand connections on the jib sections are not so good looking.
Is it real?