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Potain Topkit MDmatic Tower Crane

Maker:  Conrad
Model No:  2011
Scale:  1:87
Review Date:  August 2005

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)6
Detail   (max 30)15
Features   (max 20)11
Quality   (max 25)13
Price   (max 15)8
Overall   (max 100)53%


The model stands tall.  Note the review model has had the wire hangers for the jibs replaced with cords and hooks.
Box sleeve.
Climbing frame is good, but lacks a hydraulic cylinder so it cannot 'climb'.
Trolley is metal and the trolley motor in the jib includes a platform.


The model comes in the usual polystyrene tray with a picture sleeve covering.  A simple instruction sheet in German is included.  The review model was undamaged.


Commencing at the base, the mast has a typical assembly with a cross frame mounted on plastic bogies.  The ballast weights consist of hollow die cast blocks with some profiling to represent separate concrete slabs.  The blocks are heavy enough, but it is possible to pack some more weight inside the hollow section for even more stability.  A plastic clip-on capacity board completes the base.

The mast sections join together with the usual pins which engage holes in the adjacent section.  Each model section represents two real life sections so it is not possible to display the model with a section on the climbing frame.  Each mast section includes a plastic ladder assembly which improves the look of the model.  The climbing frame is very good but lacks a jacking cylinder and a means of supporting a mast section prior to entry into the frame.

The driving cab includes a driver's seat and the adjacent platforms have good looking sluing motors.  The mast head section is one piece which is fixed by pins at turntable level.  This can be fixed in any orientation so care is needed to put it in the right way (with the plastic pulley on the counterweight side).  The jib is in two sections which fix together and each has lattice work on the two sides, but the underside is 'hollow' as is usual in models of this age and type.  On the review model the geometry of the connection between the jib sections was not perfect giving a slight banana curve to the full jib.  The counter jib is good with heavy lattice work, handrailing and Potain signboards.  The counterweight is two piece and profiled to look like separate concrete slabs.  Metal wire is provided to bend to shape to model the hangers supporting both jibs.  Although this system works it is recommended to replace these with appropriate lengths of heavy thread with hooks or some other system.

The trolley is metal and looks convincing.  A separately cast trolley motor and handrail is also provided which clips into the jib.  Thankfully the hook is a proper representation of a tower crane hook.  However as a result it lacks weight so chains or a light load suspended from the hook keeps the ropes taught.


The crane rotates and the winch can be operated.  The trolley can be positioned manually. It can be erected at a variety of different heights by using different combinations of mast sections.


The quality of the castings is reasonable being only slightly let down on the review model by the geometry issue mentioned above.  Paintwork and lettering is fair.


The model is reasonable value for money for a model of this type and scale.


Another pleasing model of a tower crane from Conrad which is quite large when fully built up.


The model was introduced in 1994.  It shares a number of common components with the model of BPR-Cadillon GT 2000 which was introduced by Conrad in 1995 as model 2013.  In 2006 a modified version was introduced which had the curved Potain 'Vision' cab.
The parts in the tray.
Cab and hook look good.
Counterjib has good framing and the counterweight is grooved to look like separate concrete slabs.