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Potain MDT Topless Tower Crane

Maker:  Conrad
Model No:  2012
Scale:  1:87
Review Date:  August 2004

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)4
Detail   (max 30)15
Features   (max 20)11
Quality   (max 25)14
Price   (max 15)9
Overall   (max 100)53%


The Potain looks good when it catches a bit of sun.
The box sleeve.  Looks like the colour ink has run out again.
Mast contains ladders and platforms.
The winch handle is visible at the rear.
This model was initially produced as the Zeppelin ZBK 100, but was rebranded to a Potain when they acquired the rights to the design.


The model is contained within the usual two-part polystyrene box held together with a cardboard sleeve which is plain white without any markings.  The review model was undamaged, and no instructions are provided.


The base of the mast consists of a crosshead of beams which sit on four separate 'feet' representing concrete.  The base ballast is two solid blocks which fit onto pins on the crosshead.  The mast sections are finely cast and connect using four small pins at the end of each section.  These are a tight fit.  In fact so tight that it can be difficult to join the sections together.  Once connected, the sections are true.  The mast sections contain one-piece plastic ladders which add to the look.  These mast and base sections are the same castings as used on model 2016, the BKT BN 135 Tower Crane.

The counterweight jib contains simple electrical cabinet and motor details, and effective hand railing.  The underside is detailed with latticework, and the counterweight is a single piece but with grooving to make it appear to have separate slabs like the real crane.  The cab is metal and contains a seat for the driver.

The main jib is in two pieces which fit together well and scales to be a 50 metre jib.  Latticework is good, and as is usual, is only the two outer sides of the triangle - there is no lattice work on the underside.  A small separate casting representing the trolley motor is provided and this slots into place on the jib.  The trolley is plastic, and the metal hook is a proper representation of a tower crane hook, not the fat loaded hook provided with some other Conrad tower crane models.  In fact this hook is the same as that provided with model 2016.


All the usual tower crane features can be replicated; the jib can be rotated and the trolley located anywhere along the jib.  The winch can be operated by means of the usual turning handle, although the hook itself is not heavy enough to lower when the rope is let out.  The turning handle can be pulled out which allows the model's appearance to be at its most realistic.


The model is well executed with good quality casting producing well aligned mast and jib sections, and fine paintwork and lettering.


This crane model is reasonably priced for one of this type and scale.


The Potain MDT is a good looking model of a type that is becoming increasingly popular on real construction sites.


The model was introduced in 1994 as the Zeppelin ZBK 100, in yellow and black colours.  The later Potain version is all yellow.  In 2006 a modified version was introduced which had the curved Potain 'Vision' cab.
The parts in the tray.
Underside of the jib is 'hollow'.