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XCMG XGTL 180 Tower Crane

Maker:  Yagao Gift
Model No: 
Scale:  1:100
Review Date:  October 2018

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Tower Crane Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10) 6
Detail   (max 30) 21
Features   (max 20) 15
Quality   (max 25) 17
Price   (max 15) 11
Overall   (max 100) 70%


XCMG XGT 7530 and XGTL 180 Tower Cranes Video.  [Youku Video]
Large XCMG branded box.
Metal base.
Detailed machinery deck.  Safety cage on the A-frame ladder is a great detail.
Plastic basket is over large.
The full model.
Climbing cage.

The XCMG XGTL 180 is a luffing jib tower crane. 

It is in the small scale of 1:100 presumably in order to make the overall size of the model manageable.


The model comes in a large good quality XCMG branded box and inside it, the model is contained within a pair of expanded polystyrene trays.

The review model had no missing parts or defects. 

No instructions are provided.  The model is largely preassembled in the box, including the reeving.  Assembly is limited to clipping the jib to the machinery deck.  However, the reeving of the luffing gear and hoist line was either incomplete or incorrect out of the box, and had to be re-strung.


The tower is attached to a concrete-coloured metal base plate which adds weight for stability.  The tower is of heavy construction and the lattice work is thick for the scale.  Small vertical plastic ladders run inside the tower.  The tower is made in three sections which are screwed together firmly.

The climbing cage is modelled and the hydraulic ram is done well.  The many work platforms are plastic frames and look over-scale.

The cab is plastic with a seat and controls modelled inside.

The machinery deck is detailed with winches and cabinets and the counterweight is nicely modelled.  The A-frame is particularly good and the access ladder has a metal safety cage which is remarkable in this small scale.  The jib backstops are also modelled.

The luffing gear has single blocks of metal pulleys.  The pendant bars are plastic.

The jib is reasonably straight and it has a number of small metal pulleys throughout which are used to guide the hoist rope.

The hook is very good.  It is metal with metal pulleys and can accommodate four falls or rope.  However the modelling of the jib tip really only accommodates a single fall of rope to the hook.

A large plastic basket is provided as a load for the crane, but it is over large and unrealistic.


The tower could be built to a lower height by leaving the central section out. 

The model rotates smoothly.

The luffing gear winch can be operated by using a winch key.  However because of friction in the system the jib cannot be lowered without intervention.

The hoist winch also operates.  However, there is too much friction in the system to allow the hook to lower under its own weight or with a load and manual help is required.  There is not enough rope on the drum to lower the hook to the ground.


The model has a high metal content and is well made considering the scale.

The paintwork and graphics are very good.


It is understood to be reasonable value at the typical selling price in China.


This is a good looking model in the small scale of 1:100 and it has some very nice detailing considering the small size.


A flat top crane, the XGT 7530, was produced at the same time.

In the box.
Looks good on the skyline.
Heavy tower construction.
Good jib profile.
Looks realistic.