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MB Actros Titan + Goldhofer Vessel Bed - Balmer

Maker:  Conrad
Model No:  72200
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  December 2011

Heavy Transport Models Index
Special Transport Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)22
Features   (max 20)16
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)9
Overall   (max 100)76%


MB Actros Titan + Goldhofer Vessel Bed - Balmer Video.
Conrad box.
The parts out of the box.
Smart graphics.
Equipment tower at the rear is almost all metal.
Underside view.
Under a module unit.
Good detail under the gooseneck.
Painted rear light array.
Heavy connections to the frame.
Loaded with a Soilmec SR70.
No sagging of the bed.
Unloading the SR70.
Hauling a large fermentation tank.
Short configuration - deck hooked directly to the gooseneck.
Balmer is a German heavy haulage company which was founded in 1988 and is based near the city of Schwerin.  It specialises in the movement of heavy loads and has also moved many wind turbine loads.

This model is an exclusive model by Heavy Transport Models (HTM) and is made for them by Conrad.  It includes a powerful Mercedes Benz tractor and a configurable Goldhofer trailer in Balmer colours.


The model comes in a standard 'Conrad Collection' box with the model and its many parts securely held within black foam rubber which gives it a nice professional feel.  The review model had no defects or missing parts.

There are a number of components and a black and white double-sided sheet of instructions is provided which gives a clear pictorial description of how it fits together and some of the various configurations possible.  It is straightforward to assemble.

There is no information supplied about Balmer or the real vehicle.


The Mercedes Benz Titan tractor unit has relatively little plastic used.  Underneath, the transmission and suspension is mostly modelled, with the main prop shaft missing because of the large linked steering mechanism.  The wheels are very good, with different width tyres split between the driven and steering axles.  The hubs have nice detailing of the wheel nuts.

The cab impresses with good lights and colour coded mirrors.  There is a nice light bar on the roof and aerials, beacon lights and air horns add detail.  The decoration is smart with some very small graphics and is copied from the 'White Lady' real tractor although it is a pity that the number plate is not provided.  Under the cab is a reasonable plastic engine.

Behind the cab, the various tanks and the radiator are modelled in metal and feel very solid.  The wheel arches are plastic.

The two Goldhofer modules are of similar construction.  They have very strong metal surfaces and structural frames, and each set of wheels is mounted on a plastic support which includes a working cylinder.  They are painted in Goldhofer blue with a yellow stripe painted down the deck edges. 

The gooseneck is a heavy piece and is modelled well with various cylinders and wheel chocks underneath.  The headboard and side panels are metal with a nice metal hand railing.  The casting details are very good with fine details.

The support beams for the bed are metal and feel strong.  A series of metal adaptors is provided to allow different configurations.  Plastic deck surface sections can be placed between the beams or alternatively plastic span rods can be used to maintain the separation of the beams.

A clip-on light bar with painted details can be attached at the rear of the trailer.


The Mercedes tractor has linked steering on the front two axles and these permit a small range of movement before fouling on the wheel arches.  However they can be forced to give a hard lock which is fine for posing the model.  At the rear, the driven axles float independently to give some suspension movement. 

The cab tilts forward and can be posed in a tilted position.

A second towing hitch can be fitted at the rear, but it sticks out and fouls the trailer gooseneck so it is best left off.

The Goldhofer modules have axles with a very good range of movement up and down and side to side to represent suspension.  The steering mechanism works well with various axle lines linked together, and when turned they have a degree of proportionality in how they move.

The real flexibility of the model is the large number of possible configurations.  The axle units can be coupled in various ways.  They can be separately attached to the gooseneck, or joined to make a continuous seven axle line.

The deck beam components are adjustable for length and width, and either deck sections or three different lengths of width spacer beams can be used.  The deck can be attached to the module units or directly to the gooseneck. 

When stretched out to the maximum length the whole model is around 65cm long.


As usual, the Conrad quality is high and the model is strong and robust with a high metal content.  The Balmer livery is good and the applied graphics are sharp.


The model is a little pricey but it is a very limited edition.


HTM have commissioned an unusual livery and the model has been made Conrad up to their usual quality standards.  The flexibility of the model means it can be posed many ways.  It is highly recommended.


The Balmer livery was made in a limited run of only 90 models.

The parts rest in high quality foam.
The bed extended for width.
Steering angle can be forced to a hard lock.
Light bar on the roof but no number plate.
Fifth wheel is fixed in position.
Tilting cab goes to a good angle.
Metal handrail on the gooseneck.
Yellow stripe down the trailer edges.
Smart wheel hubs.
Impressive with a suitable load.
Stretched out in spine beam configuration.
Ready to unload.  A Terex AC 500 stands by.
Short configuration - module units only.