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Liebherr LR/LG 1750 Boom Reducers

Maker:  Conrad
Model No:  99921
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  April 2013

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Liebherr LR/LG 1750 Boom Reducers Video
The plain box.
Out of the box.
Boom reducer with mid-boom support cables attached.
A long boom in wind plant configuration.
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This kit comprises boom reducer sections for the Liebherr LG 1750 Mobile Crane and the Liebherr LR 1750 Crawler Crane.

It is in Liebherr yellow, but it is a lighter yellow than the yellow or early LR 1750 models.


The kit comes in a plain box with a sticker indicating that it contains the parts.  The parts are packed within foam rubber and the review set had no defects or missing parts.

No instructions are supplied.

Detail and Features

The boom reducers enable the main boom sections to be connected to the smaller luffing jib / derrick sections.  The section with the sign boards appears to be the same as the top of the luffing jib usually supplied with the base variants of the LG/LR 1750 models.  The boom sections are well made and strong.

Spare suspension bars are supplied (in the later design using bolts) and plenty of bolts.  Also included is a mid-point attachment set between the suspension bars and the boom which are used on the real crane for lengthy booms to minimise the deflection during erection.  Two lengths of cables are supplied which is a nice touch.

Quality and Price

The metal parts are of a robust quality and are painted well.  As with many accessories they are not cheap.


This kit adds flexibility to the configurations available on the crane models and is a worthwhile addition.


The kit was first made available in Summer 2012 and it pairs up with the Wind Plant Jib - Conrad part 99922.
In the wrapping.
Loaded on a semi trailer.
Impressive boom sections.
Another view of the mid-boom supports.