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International Transtar & Kenworth W925 Cabs with Lowboy Trailer

Maker:  Corgi
Model No:  24902
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  April 2010

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)19
Features   (max 20)11
Quality   (max 25)17
Price   (max 15)13
Overall   (max 100)68%


The Kenworth W925 towing a flat bed trailer, and the International Transtar tractor stands by.
High quality box.
Plenty of chrome and the trailer has a realistic camber.
Underside view.
Underside of the trailer.
The International Transtar.
Plenty of detail around the cab.
Underside view.
This model set includes two classic American tractor units.  The International Transtar cab-over-engine design was a common sight in the 1970s, and the Kenworth W925 (also known as the W900A) features a sleeper cab for long distance travel.  Both tractors are decorated in the colours of a company called 'Best Haul'.  A trailer is provided which is described as a lowboy, but perhaps flatbed is a better description.


The model comes in a high quality box with a photo of the models on the cover.  Inside the box, the models are well wrapped and securely held between a couple of clear plastic formers.  There were no defects or missing parts.

The only assembly required is to fit door mirrors to the tractors.

A card is included which gives the set a unique number in the production series and also provides a little information about the tractor units.


The Kenworth tractor is reasonably detailed underneath with the main transmission components reproduced.  The tyres are the same on all axles and are mounted on brightly chromed hubs.  Detailing of the cab is quite good with door mirrors, windscreen wipers and plenty of air horns and lights on the roof.  For some reason there is no 'glass' in the cab doors.  Interior details are simple.  At the front, the radiator grille looks good although all the lights are silvered rather than having lenses.  Plastic exhaust stacks are fitted on each side and the sleeper cab has some nice bolt detailing.  More chrome work is found at the rear on the mud flaps and guards.

The International tractor has good detailing of the engine underneath as well as the usual transmission elements and it has wheels which are the same as those on the Kenworth tractor.  The cab has door mirrors and horns and lights on the roof, but there are no windscreen wipers.  Very good grab rails are on both sides of the cab, and at the front.  The front grille is impressive with lots of chrome and a radiator visible behind.  Behind the cab the fuel tanks look good and are labelled, and there is a large plastic exhaust stack.

The trailer is fairly simple in modelling terms.  The structure is represented quite well and the deck has replica timber planking.  The wheels are the same as those on the tractor units and they are mounted on crude leaf spring suspension.  There are plastic mud flaps and painted lights at the rear.  Both tractors have no air lines to connect to the trailer.


The steering on both tractors is fixed so the posing opportunities are limited.

The cab of the International tilts forward to reveal a very detailed engine.

The trailer has axles which float significantly giving the appearance of working suspension.  At the front, the support legs have a locking mechanism which allow them to be retracted for travelling, or to support the trailer when unhitched.


The model is good quality.  A number of the parts on the tractors are plastic, but these generally do not detract from how they look.  The paintwork and finish is crisp.


This set is pretty good value as it includes two tractors.


This set is an unusual combination and for the money provides a couple of options for a hauling a flatbed trailer which is good for posing with crane sections or other parts in a mini diorama.  Although the functionality of the models is limited, there is plenty of chrome detailing.  The set is recommended.


The model set appeared in early 2010 in a limited run of 1100.
The model is well wrapped inside the box, complete with numbered card.
The Kenworth.
Cab detail.
Loaded with a piece of Liebherr LR1280 boom. It is secured some straps which are not included with the model.
Another chrome filled tractor unit.
Very detailed engine on the International.
Loaded with a mast section from a Liebherr 630 EC-H 40 Tower Crane.