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Faymonville 3+5 Low Loader

Maker:  Lion Toys
Model No:  0059
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  August 2011

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)6
Detail   (max 30)21
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)17
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)69%


Faymonville 3+5 Low Loader Video
Windowed box.
Trailer as configured in the box.
Underside of the 5-line unit.
Underside of the deck.
Gooseneck cylinders look good but are non-functioning.
Width markers and beacon light at the rear.
Wheel chocks and graphics on the gooseneck.
Configured without the front 3-line unit.
Loaded with a Soilmec SR-70.
Faymonville is a Belgian manufacturer of semi-trailers for the specialist haulage industry.  It was founded in 1962 and at the time of the review has over 500 employees.

This model appears to be a trailer from the Variomax or Pendlemax range.


The model comes in a windowed box and is contained with an expanded polystyrene tray and held in place by a clear former.  A beacon light was loose in the box but it was not clear where it had detached from.

There is no information about the real trailer and no instructions for the model.  The only assembly required is to fit the chosen kingpin onto the gooseneck and this requires the top and bottom plates to be unscrewed.  This is a straightforward task.


The axle units have good tyres mounted on plastic hubs fixed to plastic axles.  The decoration lacks a reflective yellow stripe along the edges but the tie-off shackles are carefully painted and look good.  Both units have a plastic mud flap at the rear.

The 3-line unit has plastic patterned deck inserts and fixed plastic width markers.  The 5-line unit has a central well and the rear width markers have a painted beacon light which would look better if it was a plastic lens.  At the rear the lights are painted but there is no reflective decoration.

The gooseneck is a nicely cast piece with plastic silver side walls.  There are some good details such as the Faymonville graphic, the wheel chocks and bolt details around the king pin locations.  The supplied king pins are relatively fat so will not fit tractors by other makers but as the king pins are user-fixed skilled collectors may be able to fit thinner king pins.

The deck is all metal and heavy with representation of deck planks within the casting and good painted tie-down shackles.


Both axle units have working steering which is linked.  It produces a parallel action rather than proportional.

The deck can be extended for both length and width and at its longest makes the overall trailer almost 60cm with the deck length being 28cm.  The maximum deck width is 8cm.

Two gooseneck pins are supplied (one long and one short) and these can be fitted in two different locations.

The trailer can be assembled in a variety of configurations.  The 3-line axle unit can be left out, or the deck can be left out and a 5-line or 8-line trailer formed.

The 3-line unit can be used behind the deck although it then lacks rear lights and may not be an authentic combination.


This Lion Toys model is generally strong and well made.  The paintwork is good although it lacks finer detailing and graphics.


It is reasonable value for money.


The strength of this model is the flexibility it offers in terms of display configurations.  It does not have the highest level of detailing but would look smart in company liveries. 


The model first appeared as a prototype at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2009.  It was manufactured in 2011, but not released at that time due to licensing issues.
Parts out of the box.
Underside of the 3-line unit.
Bolt details at the king pin locations on the underside of the gooseneck.
Axle units linked without the deck.
Good looking tie-down links.
Configured for maximum length and width.  The gooseneck droops unless it is chocked up.
Configured with the 3-line unit at the rear, but this may not be a valid set-up and it lacks rear lights.
Short configuration with a 5-line unit.
Looks good with a load.