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Scania + Nooteboom MCO-121-08V - Mammoet

Maker:  Lion Toys
Model No:  unknown
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  February 2009

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)18
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)16
Price   (max 15)9
Overall   (max 100)64%


The Scania with 8 axle Nooteboom Semi Low Loader.
The box.
The Scania 6x4 tractor in an unusual white, blue and red Mammoet livery.
Underside of the tractor unit.
Underneath, the trailer unit is moderately detailed.
The trailer unit at maximum extension.
Power pack on the gooseneck platform.
The model looks good loaded, even if the support stillages for the LG1750 are home made 'fabrications' by the Cranes Etc team.
This a model of a 6x4 Scania tractor with an eight axle semi low loader from the Dutch company Nooteboom.  It is in a Mammoet livery, although not the usual red and black.  The Scania is red, blue and white and is in the colours of Seumersteel which is a Russian subsidiary of Mammoet.  The markings on the doors of the Scania are in Russian.

The Nooteboom semi low loader is designated the MCO-121-08V.  In this nomenclature the MCO stands for Multi Carrier Oplegger (Dutch for semi-trailer), 121 represents the maximum load in tonnes made up of eight axles of 12t each plus 25t at the kingpin, and 08V means zero axles at the front, eight at the back and V is Verlengbarr (Dutch for extendible).

To enable loads to be manoeuvred accurately remote control steering of the rear axles independently from the tractor unit is possible and it is also possible to raise or lower the vehicle with the hydraulic suspension to get under a low bridge or get better ground clearance.  The trailer is typically used for carrying heavy equipment loads or parts of large mobile cranes.


The model comes in a window box with the parts contained with an expanded polystyrene tray and held in place by a clear former.  There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

A Mammoet Certificate card is included, which is always a nice touch, but there is no other information about the real machine or instructions for the model.


The tractor unit is a Scania R580 6x4 unit.  Underneath the model has detailed plastic prop shafts and suspension, although the quality of the plastic moulding is not up to the best modern standards.  Similarly the tyres and their tread pattern are a little coarse with the same tread pattern on all wheels, and the plastic hubs, whilst having detail, look a little cheap.

The cab looks quite reasonable overall, with mirrors and windscreen wipers, and a light bar on the roof.  Small plastic door handles add to the detail.  At the front the main headlights would have been better with plastic lenses but the ones in the bumper look quite good, and the overall effect of the grille is generally pleasing.  A Russian country sign and number plate complete the bumper. 

Inside the cab, the detail is fairly basic.  Behind the cab, there are metal tanks mixed in with some plastic details, with plastic wheel arches over the rear wheels.  At the rear, the lights are applied graphics.

The trailer has relatively simple detailing underneath and the tyres are mounted on plastic hubs of similar quality to the tractor.  The way the axles are mounted is not faithful to the original and this is visible in a low profile view.  

The bed has a textured surface, and this runs right through to the gooseneck, and there is a short section just before the gooseneck which has a wood effect inlay.  The gooseneck has a couple of spare tyres mounted on the front and there is a plastic continuation of the metal headboard which gives a storage area.  At the rear, the tail lights are painted on, with smaller plastic light bars on each side. 

A power pack is provided as a separate accessory, however it is plastic and fairly crudely detailed.


The tractor unit steering is a little clunky and has a moderate range before the tyres are fouled. 

Steering on the trailer is quite good.  Numbered from the front, axles 2 and 3 are fixed as per the original, and the other axles are all linked to give a degree of proportional steering on axles 4 to 8 and the mechanism imitates the self tracking steering of axle 1.  On the review model the gooseneck is detachable from the rest of the trailer by removal of a pin, however this does not replicate the functionality of the real trailer.  There are small pull-down stabilisers in front of the first axle.

It is possible to extend the trailer (although the mechanism is stiff) and this provides an interesting alternative way to pose the model.  A sliding table provides intermediate support for loads in the extended area.


In overall terms the quality of the model is reasonable but it falls short of the best of modern standards and in part this is probably due to it being an older model.  The quality of manufacture is only average, as is the paintwork and graphics.


This offering from Lion Toys represents average value.


An eight axle semi low loader is a model that many heavy haulage collectors would want, and this version from Lion Toys makes a worthwhile addition displayed with crane parts or other suitable loads, and there is enough functionality to make interesting display poses.  For collectors of Mammoet this version offers an unusual and rare livery.

The model is worth having although it is not as well made or detailed as more recent offerings in the market place, and in this respect its age counts against it. Overall though it does enough to just earn a 'Recommended' badge.


The model first appeared in 2006.  In Mammoet livery it has been produced in a run of 500 units.  The trailer unit has been paired with other tractor units, and has been produced in a variety of liveries.  It is available in two different tractor versions in Nooteboom colours also.
Parts in the box.
Profile view of the Scania.
Effective proportional steering on the trailer, with the stabilisers down at the front.
The trailer disconnected from the tractor.
Loaded with a heavy steelwork fabrication.
The Liebherr LG1750 crane body makes a suitable load.