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Volvo A40D Dump Truck

Maker:  Motorart
Model No:  10267
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  June 2005

Motorart Index
Earthmoving Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)24
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)21
Price   (max 15)14
Overall   (max 100)81%


Clean lines. Only the hand railing to the cab looks to have slightly too fat tubes.
The box.
Tipping action is smooth.
Front opens up to reveal the engine.  Even the underside of the hood has some painted detail.
The Volvo A40D Dump Truck reviewed here was one of the first models produced by Motorart for Volvo.  Since its introduction the range of models has expanded considerably and Motorart also produces models for other original equipment manufacturers.


The model is packed in a Volvo branded box and the review model arrived undamaged.  No instructions are provided and none are necessary as no assembly is required.


Initial impressions of the model are very favourable. 

The wheels have metal hubs and the tyres are excellent chunky rubber.  Underneath the body there are casting details in the chassis showing transmission parts.  The tipper body is a one-piece casting and includes painted lights at the rear.  Nestled above the chassis at the rear is a tiny reversing light which is typical of the very good level of detail on the model.  The chassis frame and tipper body also have black 'pads' for the body to rest on when driving.

The cab end of the model is a 'tour de force'.  The steps to the cab are metal with superb cast grillage.  Inside the cab the excellent details continue with individual painted controls visible.  Windscreen wipers and wing mirrors are provided and behind the cab there is even a window complete with grille.  At the front, lights have tiny lenses and under the engine hood is a fully detailed engine block.  Even the windscreen washer reservoir bottle is present.

Casting detail all around the cab is first class particularly where there are grilles in the bodywork.


The rear pairs of axles float and are linked mechanically to emulate the suspension of the real machine and further suspension is provided through small working springs.  The universal joint between cab trailer works extremely well facilitating both steering and rotation. 

Operating the tipper body is very smooth and it can be posed at any angle.

At the front the engine cover opens in two pieces to reveal the engine.


This model is of very high quality both in terms of the casting and the paintwork.  There are a few plastic parts and the only minor improvement that can be suggested for this model would be the replacement of the plastic grab rails by metal.


Motorart have produced a model which is exceptional value for money.


This model sets a very high standard in relatively low cost, high detail models.  It can be posed in a number of ways and provides a very good load for a suitable low loader truck.


In 2009 the model was updated to become a Volvo A40E with Motorart model number 13380.  An A40D FS version was also introduced as model number 13381.

Impressive looking model.
Excellent articulation, just like the original.
Only a box of spanners is missing.
Looks really good on a Nooteboom low loader.