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Volvo A25D Articulated Dump Truck

Maker:  Motorart
Model No:  10449
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  January 2010

Motorart Index
Earthmoving Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)22
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)18
Price   (max 15)14
Overall   (max 100)75%


The Volvo A25D.
Good quality casting on the engine hood.
The body tips to a good angle.
Articulation between body and cab is very good.
The Volvo posed on a Nooteboom step frame trailer.
The Volvo A25 is a dump truck with a load carrying capacity in the 25t class.  The gross weight of a loaded vehicle is just over 45t.


The review model was provided as part of a set with a Corgi Heavy Haulage model and so the packaging score is nominal.


The first impressions are of a solid and nicely finished model.  It has good detail underneath, and the rubber tyres are particularly good, and are mounted on nice hubs. 

Detail around the cab is very good with handrails, windscreen wipers and mirrors, although they are plastic and somewhat flexible.  Castings of the engine hood are high quality, and this continues through into the dump body.


The dump truck has articulated steering which works well, and the articulating joint also allows rotational movement of the body for use over rough terrain. 

The body tips well and the hydraulic ram is stiff enough to hold it at any angle. 

A particularly good feature is the opening engine cover which reveals a very detailed engine.


Both the casting and paintwork are of a high standard, and only the plastic handrails detract slightly from the look of the model.


The model is good value.


Motorart have produced a good quality model at an economic price.  In many ways it is very similar to an earlier Volvo model, the A40D which was reviewed here.  The scale model world has moved on so a model of this quality is no longer outstanding to its peers.  Nonetheless it remains highly recommended.


This model was also supplied with Corgi Model 13242 as a load. In 2009 the model was updated to become a Volvo A25E with Motorart model number 13493.

Tyres are convincing.
Underside view.
Being loaded by a Liebherr 564 Wheeled Loader.
Detailed engine under the hood.