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Caterpillar 963D Track Loader

Maker:  Norscot
Model No:  55194
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  July 2009

Norscot Index
Earthmoving Equipment Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)24
Features   (max 20)11
Quality   (max 25)18
Price   (max 15)13
Overall   (max 100)73%


The CAT 963D Track Loader.
Usual CAT-style windowed box.
Good detail at the rear.
Very good cab details.
Tipping the bucket.
Ready for the road.
The CAT 963D Track Loader is a machine in the 20 tonne class.  It has a bucket capacity in the range of 1.9 to 2.45m (2.48 to 3.2yd).


As with all of Norscot's Caterpillar models, it comes in a windowed box and it is very securely tied down to the internal base, so much so that you will be frustrated trying to remove the model.  However at least it means that damage to the model is unlikely and this one was free of defects or missing parts.

There is no information about the real machine included.


This is a nice chunky little model, and the detail level is very good.  There is some detailing on the underside, and the metal tracks are very convincing and are mounted on good looking track frames.

The cab area looks really good, and internally the detail is very nice with a textured floor and all the controls clearly visible.  On the outside there are grab rails and windscreen wipers, with lights provided at the top of the windscreen.

Behind the cab, the engine block area has a fine radiator grille with other details making the casting interesting,  and there is a plastic air intake and exhaust pipe.  

The ripper attachment has three shanks each with sharp teeth.

At the front the Z-frame linkage and loader arms are modelled well, and the bucket is a particularly nice casting with good detail and structure.


The tracks roll quite well, although they may be a little stiff to start with.  They are not mounted on spring loaded sprockets so will be harder to remove from the track frames.

The ripper assembly can be raised and lowered.

The bucket can be raised but the range of movement is significantly less than on the real machine so posing the model loading a truck may be a little problematic.  The bucket tipping mechanism works well however.


The castings and details are of good quality, and the paintwork and graphics compliment the model well.


As with many Norscot models, it is very good value for the price.


This is a very nice offering from Norscot.  The metal tracks and other details make for a good looking model which will please collectors.


The model first appeared in 2007.

Very nice metal tracks, and the bucket raised as high as it will go.
Underside view.
The ripper is down.
Loading it on to a Nooteboom Pendel X.