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Caterpillar 797F Mining Truck

Maker:  Norscot
Model No:  55206
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  March 2009

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)7
Detail   (max 30)25
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)19
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)77%


The massive CAT 797F Mining Truck.
CAT box.
Opposite profile view.
The scale of the front is apparent.
Working hydraulic pistons on the suspension.
Huge tyres on a detailed hub.  
Cab, metal handrails and mirror.
Opening hatch reveals the engine.
The CAT 797F makes a good partner for the Bucyrus 495HR.
The CAT 797F Mining Truck is the latest version of the largest mining truck produced by the Caterpillar Corporation.  It was announced at MINExpo in 2008 and replaces the CAT 797B.  It is a mechanical drive truck and has a 400 short ton payload (363 metric tonnes).

The C175 engine produces 4,000 horsepower.  The CAT 797F is expected to be commercially available later in 2009.


The model comes in a typical box style adopted for Caterpillar scale model merchandise.  It is windowed, with the model secured inside between clear plastic formers.  It is also held to a cardboard base by ties and although these secure the model well they need some time and care to remove to not cause damage.

There is no information about the real machine on the box, or included inside, and this is a pity as many collectors would appreciate some, and it would assist the promotional value of the model.  No assembly is required with the only action required being to fold out the mirrors on each side.


This is a big and heavy model and it is solidly made.  The tyres are very large with a realistic tread pattern. I f anything they are perhaps a little too new and shiny looking and a slightly more matt finish might have been nicer.  They are mounted on large realistic hubs which have very good wheel nut details. 

Underneath, the chassis construction is good.  The drive train is replicated and there are various cables and pipes modelled.  A fair bit of the detailed modelling is actually in plastic, including the engine block, but the colour match is very good in most cases so the overall look is good.  The rear suspension is particularly impressive with large cylinders authentically modelled.

The front of the truck looks impressive with a good level of detail.  The access stairs and ladders are plastic, but the handrails are metal and these are nicely done so they make a real difference to the model looking authentic.

There are two towing points and silvered headlights.  The cab deck is textured to resemble a non-slip walking route and there are two impressive exhaust pipes.  The cab itself is metal with grab rails, and lifting eyes on the roof.  Inside, the seats and controls are visible.  Under the flap on the cab deck the top of the engine block is visible together with some large pipes.  The detail is completed with a pair of mirrors on each side of the truck.

Behind the cab area the top of the chassis is good with various tanks and pipes modelled, and the drive train looks really quite impressive.  Two large two-stage hydraulic pistons lift the dump body.

The dump body is a large metal casting but in fact much of the ribbing structure on the underside and leading edge is actually plastic and screwed on.  Fortunately the colour match is very good so it hardly notices.  At the rear end a couple of bars hang down between the rear pairs of tyres to clear out trapped material and a pair of safety cables which are used to hold the dump body upright during servicing are modelled.  These can even be unhooked although they cannot be connected to the rear axle to fulfil their purpose. 

On the inside of the dump body there are impact and wear plates.


The front wheels steer although the range of movement is fairly restricted. 

At the back the suspension works utilising the heavy pistons.

The dump body tilts well to a good angle, and the cylinders are stiff enough to hold the body at any angle.

At the front the access stairs at the bottom fold down to enable an operator to board the truck. 

On the cab deck a large access flap opens to enable the engine to be seen.


Norscot have produced a good quality model with plenty of detail.  Although it is heavy, there are quite a few parts of the model which are plastic.  Where used, the plastic generally has a very good colour match so the model is visually good.  The paint is good, as are the graphics.


The model is good value having regard for its size and quality.


The CAT 797F is a large and impressive truck, and Norscot have produced an appropriate model to reflect the real machine.  The quality overall is good and whilst it is not of the top quality of some other recent Chinese models, it is highly recommended.  Collectors are likely to be pleased with the model and it would make a good gift in a corporate environment also.


The model appeared at the Nuremberg Toy Fair in 2009.  In April 2009 a version in white was announced, with a run of 2500 models.
Imposing dimensions.
Stairs fold down to provide access to the cab.
Underside view with the front wheels just about at maximum lock.  The difference in colour match in the engine block area is made slightly worse by the camera than it appears in real life.
Under body details.
Dump body tips to a good angle.
Rear axle.
It towers over a Peterbilt Dump Truck.