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Grove GMK 3055 Mobile Crane (2008 Revision)

Maker:  TWH Collectibles
Model No:  003
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2008

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Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)24
Features   (max 20)14
Quality   (max 25)28
Price   (max 15)8
Overall   (max 100)72%


The 2008 version.
New box design.
Where to buy
The parts.
All axles steer.
Tilting cab uses a different mechanism on the new version.
Ready for action with a chain from the Chains and Hooks pack.
The Grove GMK 3055 was one of the first models to be produced by TWH and this updated version of the popular 3-axle crane is based on the original model, but with some amendments. This review should be read in conjunction with the review of the original model.  


The model comes in a new box design which appears to be a new standard format for Grove crane models.  A booklet containing information on the real crane is still included but unfortunately the opportunity to include some instructions for the model has not been taken.


The main change in this version of the model is the crane cab which is now a diecast version instead of the plastic version of the earlier model, which some collectors had criticised. The new cab has a pair of lights on the front, and improved internal detailing.  There is also a treaded footplate on the outside and some improved graphics.  At the rear the cab tilting cylinder is now modelled. Presumably this new design will be implemented on the real crane. The model also has some other very minor detail changes.  The boom head is slightly different and the hook also appears to be from a slightly different casting. In all other respects the model is the same as the earlier version.


All functions of this version are the same as the original model.


The quality feel of the model is improved overall by the diecast crane cab, which also has a tiny graphic warning notices on the cab door and cab front.


The model is reasonable value.


The modifications to the model are minor but worthwhile improvements which have probably been made easy to implement by using the new cab design developed for the Grove GMK 5130 / 5165 models. 


This updated version appeared in 2008 in two colour versions: Grove Yellow, run of 1500 models; White, run of 300 models

Inside the box.
All the detail and functions of the original are present in the 2008 version.
Main change is the cab which is now diecast.
Counterweight can be separated
Some small detail changes at the boom head.
The 2008 and original versions side-by-side.