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Mammoet PTC Extension Kit

Maker:  WSI
Model No:  410020
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  September 2009

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The PTC Extension Set out of the box.
The box is fairly small but packed full.
Viewed from ground level the PTC towers high above.
The long luffing boom has a mid span support.
The boom sections join together to make very straight structures.
So big, even in 1:50 scale it is huge. 
The model of the Mammoet PTC Crane was the largest mass produced 1:50 scale model when it was introduced in 2008 and it was reviewed here.  This extension set approximately doubles the height of the model to produce a truly massive model.


The set comes in a cardboard box with a Mammoet style sleeve, and inside the parts are packed tightly to fill the box.  There were no defects or missing parts on the review set.

An instruction booklet is included and this is good enough to build the extended model for any collector with a basic understanding of the PTC crane.  Certainly if someone can build the PTC, they can build the extension.

The design of the extension set means that fitting it to an erected PTC model does take quite some time, with the booklet suggesting 4-8 hours but for most people it will be closer to the 8 hours.  Part of the reason for this is that for both the main boom and the luffing boom, the luffing reeving has to be completely redone to fit the extension.  With some planning it is possible to fit the set without having to re-reeve the hooks, but they need to be secured in a way that prevents the string jumping off the pulleys and getting tangled.  Erection of the extended luffing boom is at least a two person job, with it being manually lifted into position as the luffing winch is wound in.


The manufacture of the extension set continues the high quality standard of the PTC model.

Main boom and luffing boom sections are very well made, and they have internal bracing.  The screwed connections are positive and secure, which is reassuring given the high stresses present in the fully erected model.

The guy ropes for both booms are made very accurately meaning that they appear under equal tension when under load, and this is a commendable achievement.


The set extends the model to a very impressive height of around 3.6m.

The design of the set is such that the guy ropes supporting the main boom and the luffing boom are of a fixed length.  This means that it is not possible to construct the model in a full variety of configurations.  With the extension set, three combinations are possible: the base model, fully extended, or with extended main boom and short luffing boom.


The extension set is a high quality piece of modelling, with an absence of plastic parts.  Quality of casting and paintwork are very good.


The model is reasonable value given the high quality of model engineering involved to produce something of this size which is stable and robust.


The extension set provides a collector or company with the chance to create an exceptionally large model which is extremely impressive.  Indeed the only issue for the private collector is actually having the space to display the model.

Overall the set is highly recommended as an addition to the base PTC model.


PTC model was introduced in 2008  The PTC Extension Set appeared in June 2009 and was made in a run of 250 units.
The PTC erected with the extension set included.
Filling the sky.
Looking straight up.
The massive construction of the luffing boom, and very straight too.