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Nuremberg 2014 - Other
Editorial February 2014

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Norscot was present with its full Caterpillar range on display and the latest models were there.  Four new Caterpillar models were announced for Q2 delivery including a 982M wheel loader in 1:50 scale, a TH407C Telehandler and 308E2 CR SB Mini Excavator both in 1:32 scale and a 1:25 CG260-16 Gas Generator.  Several Chevrolet car models were displayed marking the beginning of Norscot's repositioning away from the exclusivity demanded by their previous Caterpillar license.  Another OEMs models may be announced soon.

Corgi had its usual large stand and there were a few trucks on display including the upcoming log trailer.  Sword models had the long beam trailer on display on the BYMO stand and this may be available around the middle of the year.  Universal Hobbies now seem to be positioned as mainly an agricultural model maker but three new Komatsu models were on display.

Fairly recent Norscot Caterpillar models.
Corgi Jenkinson log trailer
Upcoming classic Corgi trucks.
Sword's beam looks good and will be available as separate loads.
Universal Hobbies Komatsu PC 490 LC.
Norscot will make cars - here the Chevrolet Tahoe.
Trailer and load.  A Palfinger-type loader crane will appear in the future.
Another Corgi.
Detailed rear.
UH Komatsu HM 250.
Norscot Tahoe police car and Chevrolet Siverados.
New truck
Sword's beam trailer is impressively long.
UH Komatsu PC 210 LC.