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Nuremberg 2014 - YCC
Editorial February 2014

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In some previous years YCC had their own stand at the Toy Fair but this was expensive for a small company.  This year they had some space on the BYMO stand to show off their next release, the Liebherr LTM 1400 mobile crane which should be available by mid year.  The model looks to be highly detailed and functional.  A limited edition version in Thomen colours will also be available.  Also on display were high quality lifting chains and shackles to be available within a few months.

Chih-Ming Chou, owner of YCC Models'.
Lifting chains.
500t and 300t shackles.
LTM 1400.
Opening cab door.
High detail.
Rear end.
Either a tyre or box for the rear end.
Limited edition.