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Nuremberg 2014 - WSI
Editorial February 2014

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WSI has had a somewhat dramatic year with many management changes and as of 1 January the business is jointly owned by Wan Ho, WSI's long-time model maker.  On show was the fly jib for the Liebherr LTM 1500 mobile crane.  To keep the weight down the 7m and 14m parts are made from special plastic.  Also on display was the Faun ATF 400G-6 mobile crane complete with luffing fly jib (which also has plastic parts) and this model will be available in the next few months.  It is also interesting that the three position boom locks pioneered on the LTM 1500 is being added to the LTM 1350 and other crane models.  Also on display was a Palfinger PK150002M loader crane aimed at the marine market and it includes a working winch.

New truck cab prototypes were on show.  These were two versions of the the new Volvo FH, three Mercedes-Benz Actros and the new DAF CF Euro 6.  Two new Liebherr excavators, the R 970 SME and R 914, were shown in prototype form and have gone through accelerated development and should be available around the end of July.  Also at the stand were Sword and Drake models for which Wan Ho were the model maker.  The new Drake Model's Kenworth T909 will be available soon and there are a number of new Drake models due this year.  The large Drake trailer seen at last year's show has been rescheduled for later release.
WSI Models Special Video Report.
Great looking colours.
Latest Volvo prototypes.  .
In addition to Volvo, Merc and Daf are also at prototype stage.
Looks straight.
Liebherr R 914.
Looks like a good one.
LTM 1350 will have 3 position boom locks.
Cranes aiming high.
Fly jib mounting point on the Tadano ATF 400.
LTM 1500.
LTM 1500.
And more colour.
The Tadano will eventually appear in a number of liveries.
LTM 1500 fly jib.
Liebherr R 970 SME
High detail.