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Goldhofer XLE 3+5 line Low Loader

Maker:  Tekno
Model No:  59459
Scale:  1:50
Review Date:  June 2011

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Low Loader Index

Cranes Etc Model Rating
Packaging   (max 10)8
Detail   (max 30)22
Features   (max 20)15
Quality   (max 25)17
Price   (max 15)11
Overall   (max 100)73%


Goldhofer XLE 3+5 line Low Loader Video
The Goldhofer branded box.
Lots of parts with this model.
Full length with the deck panels fitted.
Underneath the gooseneck.
Deck panels fitted to the spine beam.
Extended to carry a long beam.
Carrying a Liebherr LB28.
Configured without the front bogie and with deck plates added.
The Goldhofer XLE trailer is capable of payloads up to 110 tonnes and the version modelled here is the maximum 8-line combination.

For this review the XLE is paired with a Scania tractor which is separately reviewed here.  The overall model is large when fully extended measuring 70cm from the front of the tractor to the rear.


The packaging is a Goldhofer branded windowed box with the model held within good quality foam rubber.  There were no defects or missing parts on the review model.

There are a large number of small parts to fit and a single sheet of coloured instructions are provided although it is unclear in places.  A small screwdriver is included for the one screwed connection required. 

There is no information about the real trailer.


The gooseneck is mainly metal and it has some reasonable detailing of equipment on the underside.  Tiny graphics denote the control console although they seem high off the ground as the base of the gooseneck sits well above the fifth wheel.  A spare wheel and some other parts are added as detailing but they are not a tight fit in the holes provided.

The front three line bogie is metal apart from the silver deck plates.  The wheels look pretty good and the tie-down loops along the side are nicely painted.  Two plastic width markers fit to the front edge and they have short lengths of coiled cable.  At the rear there are good rubber mud flaps and a couple more lengths of cable to lead to the rest of the trailer.

The deck and rear five line bogie is a single piece.  The spine beam has fold-out brackets which can hold the plastic deck panels although the fit of these on the review model was not so good.  The rear bogie is similar to the front bogie in construction although it has a deep well for the booms of plant being transported and silver plastic edge plates which are flexible and care must be taken not to lift up the model using these. 

At the rear a couple of width markers and orange beacon lights can be fitted although they easily drop off as they do not fit the receiving holes tightly.  The beacon lights are painted rather than having plastic lenses.


The gooseneck can be fitted to the three line bogie, or directly to the spine beam.  There is a small degree of movement between the gooseneck deck and the connection downstand which is provided via modelled cylinders but it was extremely stiff on the review model.

Each bogie has linked steering which works quite well and is proportional on the rear bogie, although the range of movement at the rear is not huge.  The suspension is very good with each wheel set having an easy springing motion.

A variety of deck configurations are possible including a short version with or without deck plates, and a long version with the telescopic spine beam extended, again with or without deck plates.

Width markers can be added or left off as desired.


The overall quality level of the model is reasonably good with the model engineering not as good because some of the add-on parts did not fit perfectly.

The paintwork and graphics are of a good standard.


This trailer and tractor combination is reasonably priced given its larger size.


Tekno have done a reasonably good job producing the Goldhofer XLE trailer.  When set up properly it looks impressive although there are a few frustrations along the way fitting the add-on parts.  The features and flexibility are good and overall it is easy to recommend.


The model appeared in 2009 and has been made in different liveries.  A matching 8x4 Scania tractor unit was introduced in 2010.  Other tractors were also available with this trailer, including a Mercedes Benz 4165.
  In 2012 a version of the trailer in the colours of H N Krane was produced for Heavy Transport Models.
Foam rubber packaging.
The basic trailer with a Scania tractor.
It looks good overall.
Gooseneck has some detailed graphics.
Underside of the main trailer.
Detail at the rear.
The full length trailer behind the Scania.