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Ballast Trailer Scale Models

This index includes heavy haulage vehicles typically used as ballast carriers to support heavy cranes.  It also includes multi axle semi trailers which can be used for the same purpose.

Conrad 40155

Mercedes-Benz Actros + Goldhofer SPZ-DL 6 Ballast Trailer - Schmidbauer
Conrad 72176

Mercedes-Benz Actros + Goldhofer STZ-H10 Semitrailer
WSI 01-1702

Volvo FH4 + Goldhofer Ballast Carrier - Boekestijn
WSI 01-2239

Volvo FH4 + Goldhofer 6-axle Ballast Trailer - Boer B.V.
WSI 01-2545

Volvo FH4 + Goldhofer 6-axle Ballast Trailer - Heijkoop
WSI 01-2026

Volvo FH4 + Goldhofer Ballast Carrier - S.E Levage
WSI 01-2554

Volvo FH16 + Goldhofer 6-axle Ballast Trailer - S.E Levage
WSI 01-2453

Mercedes-Benz Arocs + 5-axle Ballast Trailer - Mediaco
WSI 01-1552

MAN TGX XXL + Goldhofer Ballast Carrier - Treffler

Lion Toys

Scania with Nooteboom MCO-121-08V - Mammoet
WSI 9034A

MAN +Nooteboom OVB-102-06 Ballast Trailer
WSI 02-1014

Scania R(6) + Nooteboom OVB-102-06 Ballast Trailer
WSI 9401

MAN TGX + Nooteboom OVB-102-06 Ballast Trailer - Ainscough
WSI 9655

DAF XF105 6x4 with Nooteboom Ballast Trailer - James Jack


Nooteboom (continued)
WSI 9432

Scania Topline and Nooteboom Ballast Trailer - Kavanagh
WSI 9907

Mercedes-Benz Actros MP3 + Nooteboom Ballast Trailer - Riga Mainz
WSI 01-1227

MAN TGX XLX + Nooteboom Ballast Trailer - Wiesbauer
WSI 02-1152

Scania Topline + Nooteboom Ballast Trailer - William Whyte
IMC 5274996

Mercedes-Benz Actros + Nooteboom 7-axle Ballast Trailer