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Volvo Scale Models
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Volvo is a Swedish company which manufactures construction equipment and trucks.  This index covers construction and mining equipment.

Demolition Equipment
NZG 812

Volvo EC460CLD Demolition Excavator
NZG 812/01

Volvo EC460CLD Demolition Excavator - Boverhoff
Motorart 110624

Volvo EC700CHR Demolition Excavator

Earthmoving Equipment
Motorart 10449

Volvo A25D Dump Truck
Motorart 10267

Volvo A40D Dump Truck
Motorart 300020

Volvo A40F Dump Truck
Motorart 300049

Volvo A40F Dump Truck
Motorart 300050

Volvo A40G Dump Truck
Motorart 110524

Volvo Centaur Concept Articulated Hauler
Motorart 300083

Volvo EC200D Crawler Excavator
Motorart 300027

Volvo EC220D Crawler Excavator
WSI 61-2008

Volvo EC220D Crawler Excavator
Motorart 300066

Volvo EC220E Crawler Excavator
Motorart 300046

Volvo EC300E Crawler Excavator
NZG 811

Volvo EC460CL Excavator
NZG 811/01

Volvo EC460CL Excavator - Loock
NZG 811/02

Volvo EC460CL Excavator - Van Dalen
Motorart 300032

Volvo EC480D Crawler Excavator
Motorart 300047

Volvo EC480E Crawler Excavator

Earthmoving Equipment (continued)
NZG 816

Volvo L50F Compact Wheel Loader
Motorart 300056

Volvo L60G Wheel Loader - US / Canada
ATC 3200120

Volvo L60H Wheel Loader
Motorart 300051

Volvo L150H Wheel Loader
Motorart 300052

Volvo L180H Wheel Loader
Motorart 300026

Volvo L220G Wheel Loader
Motorart 300030

Volvo L250G Wheel Loader
Motorart 110523

Volvo Gryphin Concept Wheel Loader
Motorart 110500

Volvo Sfinx Concept Excavator

Historic Equipment
Motorart 300054

Volvo BM H10 Loader
Motorart 300068

Volvo DR 631 Articulated Hauler

Materials Handling
NZG 814

Volvo EW160C Wheeled Materials Handler

Mining / Quarrying
WSI 61-2000

Volvo A60H Articulated Hauler
WSI 61-2001

Volvo EC950E Excavator
Motorart 300061

Volvo L350F Wheel Loader
Motorart 300082

Volvo L350H Wheel Loader
WSI 61-2003

Volvo R100E Rigid Dump Truck


Mobile Cranes
WSI 51-2005Liebherr LTF 1060-4.1 Mobile Crane - Haegens
WSI 01-1735

Liebherr LTF 1060-4.1 Mobile Crane - McNallys

Roadworks Equipment
Motorart 300034

Volvo BL71B Backhoe Loader
WSI 61-2007

Volvo DD105 Asphalt Roller
NZG 815

Volvo EC20C Compact Excavator
Double E Hobby E010-003

Volvo EC160E Hydraulic Excavator (RC)
ATC 3200100

Volvo EWR150E Wheeled Excavator
Motorart 300067

Volvo EW180E Wheeled Excavator
Motorart 300048

Volvo P6820C ABG Tracked Paver